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It's a crazy world out there, and sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Wondering how to have a spa day at home? Our collection of at-home spa treatments will help you have a truly amazing experience! We've got bath oils, scrubs, candles, lotions, and more - everything you need to relax and unwind your body, mind, and soul.

Any good spa experience begins with fragrance. Our heavy-duty candles and perfumed diffusers will fill your room and intoxicate your senses with your favorite scents! Choose your fragrances carefully depending on the results you want from your spa routine. For example, if you want to emerge with newfound energy, verve, and vigor, choose fruity or citrusy scents like tangerine, grapefruit, and lemon. For a more relaxing spa session to help you wind down at the end of the day, calming scents like lavender, sandalwood, or rose will soothe you and carry you gently off to dreamland.

Candles and diffusers scent the room and balance the mind. But it's equally important to scent and balance your body during spa time. Scrubs and cleansers will help!

First, give yourself a good scrubby polish with luxurious shower scrub. Our selection includes scrubs made from natural, high-quality, and purifying ingredients like charcoal, sugar, or sea salt, from brands you know and love like Christophe Robin and Daily Concepts. Then, suds up with a cleanser from brands like ESPA and L'Occitane.

The spa experience doesn't have to end once you've stepped out of your bath or shower. Treat your body to a nourishing lotion or hydrating oil to seal in moisture and leave your skin delicately perfumed all day or night. Your skin will thank you!

You deserve the best, so give it to yourself today.

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