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Established in Melbourne in 1987, Aesop offers an extensive line of skin, hair, and body care of the finest quality utilizing plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients proven to provide outstanding results. Aesop’s innovative approach to product development utilizes the very latest technology with well-established scientific principles to create products of exceptional quality. 

Aesop’s bestselling Parsley Seed Skin Care Collection provides potent doses of anti-oxidant rich ingredients, in formulations suited to all skin types. The Parsley Seed range provides lightweight, rapidly absorbed anti-oxidant fortification that help repair and protect surface skin cells. 

Aesop’s Classic Shampoo provides careful cleansing for the scalp and hair without strippin the hair, leaving it shiny, soft and freshened.

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About the Brand

Aesop’s objective has always been to formulate skin, hair and body care products of the finest quality, and use only ingredients with a proven record of safety and efficacy.

Are Aesop products organic or natural?

Many of the ingredients Aesop creates are ‘natural’ by definition, but some are not. Since Aesop’s founding, the brand has been fascinated with the benefits that plant-based products can have for the skin; however, we at SkinStore also appreciate the remarkable results that science can deliver.

Are Aesop products vegan?

Yes. No animal-derived ingredients (such as beeswax, honey or lanolin) are used in Aesop products.

The brand is also Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny approved and to be included on PETA's cruelty-free list.

Is Aesop Sulfate free?

Aesop uses sodium laureth sulfate in some of their shampoos. However, the brand has stated that it's significantly milder than sodium lauryl sulfate and the SLES they've chosen is derived from coconut oil.