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There's so much you can do to minimize the symptoms associated with the aging process and rejuvenate skin and hair. One company that's an innovator in the area of hair and skin science is DS Laboratories. With sixteen years of experience in skin and hair science and product development, DS Laboratories researches and develops cutting-edge skin and hair care treatments that address some of the most common problems people experience with aging - problems like hair thinning and hair loss, thinning eyelashes, lines and wrinkles, loss of skin firmness and cellulite.

DS Laboratories remains on the cutting edge of hair and skin care sciences because the brand's research team is truly devoted to innovation. Many other companies rely on the work of other brands, simply imitating their formulas and then adding one or two changes to make their formulas more unique.

At DS Laboratories, all research begins from scratch. The brand's research team starts with a specific hair or skin care problem in mind. Whether it's thinning hair or lines around the mouth and eyes, the problem is studied extensively until the research team thoroughly understands the underlying causes for the issues. Then, the team uses their knowledge of biology, chemistry and hair and skin care to create solutions that address these causes. Products are rigorously tested in controlled clinical settings to ensure that they work as intended and that they are safe for the men and women who use them.

Even when it comes to using technologies employed throughout the beauty industry, DS Laboratories focuses on innovation. For example, the brand uses liposomes to deliver ingredients more deeply into the scalp, facial and body skin tissues, but has developed a way to make their tiny capsules much smaller than those used by other brands. Each liposome is therefore able to hold 1000 to 10,000 particles, allowing for a much higher concentration of active ingredients than what is possible with the techniques used by other brands.

Experience the latest in skin and hair care science by exploring the DS Laboratories collection.

When you look in the mirror, do you see the vibrant, healthy, youthful person you are on the inside? Don't let your outward appearance dictate how other people perceive you. Take steps to combat the signs of aging skin, balding and thin hair, and adult acne breakouts. DS Laboratories products include a complete line of acne care treatments, shampoos and conditioners for thinning hair, and eye lash enhancers based on the best of dermatological science.

Begin with cleansers that restore balance to skin and continue with cellulite treatments that work. Nourish your hair properly with the right shampoos and conditioners. Pay attention to the delicate skin around your eyes and stimulate your eye lashes to grow longer and stronger. All DS Laboratories products are based on dermatological breakthroughs that work at the core of your challenges. There's no reason to let your outside appearance succumb to aging. Let your youth and vitality shine through with the complete line of DS Laboratories products.

Whether you're looking for cutting-edge acne treatment systems, effective eye products or real solutions to hair loss, DS Laboratories products may have the right answers for you.

If you've tried other products to address thinning hair and hair loss but not found the results you were looking for, give DS Laboratories Spectral DNC a chance to change your mind. Each man's experience with thin hair is different but the primary cause is the presence of DHT, a male androgen. Spectral DNC combines minoxidil and aminexil with a unique delivery system to bring changes at the scalp level. Spray or dropper the formula onto thinning areas, massage into the skin, and allow it to work over time. Some users have been able to regrow hair and find that they lose much less hair when this program is followed as directed.

Get out of the vicious cycle of using harsh chemicals to treat acne breakouts, causing your skin to go into overdrive to compensate for lost moisture. DS Laboratories Trioxil PM confronts the bacteria causing acne yet does not dry and irritate your sensitive skin. It works by eliminating dead skin, tightening pores, and balancing oil production to re-set your body's reactions. Most people see profound improvement starting in a few days, and with continued use breakouts clear up faster and occur less frequently.

Thinning hair happens to both men and women, and some people think it's an inevitable result of aging or genetics. DS Laboratories Revita High Performance Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo addresses the many other reasons for thinning hair: weak hair follicles, scalp damage, dryness and inflammation, and pH imbalance. You can't change your DNA, but there's no need to just give up and accept thinning hair when you can fight back from the outside.

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