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No matter your skin care need, you can find First Aid Beauty products that work for you. Their products are free of parabens, harsh chemicals, and artificial colorants, making these products ideal for those of you with sensitive skin types. The products are all tested to ensure that they are simple to use and have beautiful scents. The bestselling First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream deeply nourishes your skin with the hydration it needs to look its best. Distressed skin is immediately relieved thanks to this unique formula, which features colloidal oatmeal, shea butter, eucalyptus oil, and ceramides.

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First Aid Beauty

About the brand:

First Aid Beauty's mission is to solve your skin challenges and provide you with everyday essentials that will help your skin reach its full potential no matter the skin type. Their formulas deliver visible, clinically-proven, confidence-boosting results without irritation. They are a cult favorite brand for a reason, they provide a wide range of products to treat a wide range of skin problems like eczema, acne and dry skin.

Why does First Aid Beauty Work:

First Aid Beauty makes your skin their top priority. Before launching they conduct several tests that are overseen by independent dermatologists to validate each formula’s safety and to ensure that it will deliver clinically-proven results without upsetting the skin or causing any harmful side effects. They also measure products results by creating clinical studies to ensure their products work.

What are First Aid Beauty Ingredients:

They select their ingredients to ensure they are all clean. With over 1,300 ingredients in their no-no list, they make sure to use only the best. They are proud to be cruelty-free, fragrance free and safe for sensitive skin. Their nurturing, non-toxic ingredients respect the structure and composition of your skin, without irritation.