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It all started with one vial. Denis Simioni received this small glass bottle from a relative who told her the golden oil inside was an amazing treatment for damaged hair. Never one to believe in miracle cures, Denis left the vial unopened. Then one day when a trip to the pool left her hair dry and brittle, she decided to give it a try. The remarkable effects of this oil astounded her to the point that she set off on a trip to Central America to learn more about its source. There, she discovered that the name of this mysterious oil was Ojon, which seemed the perfect name for the hair care collection that she developed around the oil.

The Ojon hair care collection contains pure oil derived from trees in Central America. The nourishing, hydrating oil is incredibly rare; 8,000 nuts are necessary to produce just 3 cups of it. Because of the presence of the oil in their formulas, Ojon products are uniquely able to reverse damage caused by free radicals and other environmental stressors, restoring hair's health.

The key, transforming ingredient in Ojon hair treatments is a natural botanical oil that has been known to the native Miskito people of Central America for centuries. Derived from a native nut-bearing tree, the extracted oil provides lipids that closely match the natural oils found in human hair. When carefully formulated into the hair products offered by Ojon, it helps to strengthen, repair and renew hair damaged by over-styling and excessive coloring, stressed by pollution and diet, or simply a victim of the aging process.

Adhering to the highest standards of free trade, Ojon works closely with MOPAWI, a non-profit group dedicated to sustainable development with the native Miskito and Garifuna peoples of the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve in northeastern Honduras, to acquire the oil from thousands of local producers. The nuts are gathered from wild trees - not plantations - as a renewable resource and processed in the traditional manner by local workers. This special oil (it takes the entire nut production of one tree to produce just 3 cups of oil) is formulated with up to 30 other naturally derived ingredients to make the different Ojon hair care products, each of which is subjected to rigorous clinical, consumer and safety testing. The formulators are dedicated to pure, natural products, free of parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients (except for cruelty-free honey and beeswax). The result is a line of effective treatments, ready to provide healthy, lustrous hair, full of body, bounce and volume.

Named after Ojon oil, found in Central America's tropical rainforests, Ojon Products include shampoos, conditioners, hair-styling products, and treatments that improve hair health. Ojon oil has quite a history, the Miskito Indians have been using this oil for more than 500 years and are aptly named "The people of beautiful hair." It would be tough to find another product with more proven, enduring results.

Ojon Products are free of harsh chemicals, artificial colorants, chemical preservatives, and synthetic fragrances, making them natural and healthy for your hair. Featuring natural ingredients such as lemongrass and wheat protein, these products cleanse, condition, and pamper your hair without using products that can damage your hair. Gentle shampoos and conditioners eliminate daily buildup and can even give your hair a volumizing boost.

Stop using hair-care products that create buildup and damage your hair. Instead, turn to Ojon Products to revitalize your hair in a healthy, natural way. You'll enjoy lighter, shinier hair in no time.

Starting your hair care routine with the very best products goes a long way in making your hair look its best day in and day out. Choose Ojon Products for your daily needs, and enjoy healthier, shinier, and more voluminous hair every day.

Use Ojon Dry Recovery Revitalizing Moisture Mist when you're styling your hair every morning or when your hair is in need of a boost. Not many products can boast the ability to style and re-style your hair with one effective formula. Simply spray the mist, which features blue agave, lemongrass, and ginseng, on your hair to add moisture, eliminate tangles, and revitalize your hair. You'll notice less frizz and fewer flyaways with the mist, which can boost the performance of other styling products.

Shampoo leaves your hair clean, but it can also weigh your hair down, leaving it limp. Choose Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo, which fortifies your hair, leaving it clean and voluminous. Derived from coconuts, this shampoo eliminates dirt, oil, and product buildup that can weigh down and even damage your hair. You'll notice cleaner, lighter, and more buoyant hair. Use daily to maximize your hair's volume.

Heavy conditioners can leave your hair limp and lifeless. Turn to Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Conditioner to give your hair a beautiful boost. Featuring Peruvian amaranth, lemongrass extract, soy, and wheat protein, this conditioner hydrates your hair to maximize volume. The conditioner's micro-boosters ensure that you can keep that voluminous look all day. Enjoy full, soft, and shiny hair with this Ojon conditioner, which is ideal for fine or limp hair. Pair this daily volumizing conditioner with Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Shampoo for maximum results.

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