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For thousands of years, the women of China have looked to nature to care for their mind, bodies and skin. Within the palaces of the Royal Ming Dynasty, herbal formulations were developed by Court herbalists to help the women of the Court to maintain their legendary beauty. For centuries, mothers have shared their herbal secrets of beauty with their daughters to nurture and maintain their flawless beauty. More than 15 years ago, Wei Brian brought these China Herbal beauty secrets to the West and married them with modern skin care technology to launch Wei East. As the number one Chinese Herbal skin care line in the U.S., Wei East is the definition of "Nature meets Beauty™." Wei East helps millions of women worldwide care for both their skin and spirit, providing skin care solutions for all ages and skin types.

Traditional approach to skincare. Wei Brian's experience with skincare and beauty began at a young age. Whether she was mixing herbal recipes with her mother or learning about nature from her father, she quickly learned that beauty made life worth living. She created her own skincare line, Wei East, which is now the largest traditional Chinese medicine based skincare line in the U.S. More than 1 million women have relied on Wei East's knowledge of Chinese herbs to help maintain their skin's vitality and youthful appearance.

Nature meets beauty. Wei East products are based on Chinese traditional remedies and created using more than 100 natural herbs. These recipes have been passed down from many generations - from mothers to daughters. Ingredients are chosen based on extensive research to ensure they are safe and effective from a clinical standpoint. Wei East also prides itself on not using animal testing.

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