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The WrinkleMD Eye System is a Hyaluronic filler system that uses a gentle micro-current to deliver Hyaluronic Acid , the wrinkle-filler injected by dermatologists , and peptides by infusing them into the layers of your skin, deeper than creams or serums can reach. Each 30-minute treatment targets wrinkles with an intensive boost of Hyaluronic Acid. Visible results are immediate and continue to improve with as little as one treatment per week. All you feel is a gentle, euphoric tingle and all you see is beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a vital part of your skin's makeup. The natural acid helps keep the skin plump and hydrated and assists in the production of collagen, the protein that gives skin its strength and tone. With age, hyaluronic acid supplies in your body begin to decrease, leaving the skin thinner and more likely to wrinkle. To help minimize fine lines, plastic surgeons and dermatologists often inject hyaluronic acid into the affected area, but typically the results of these treatments are short-lived, lasting only a week or two before they must be administered again.

The WrinkleMD system is an alternative to hyaluronic acid injections that offers superior results in comparison with topical skin care formulas. By using a mild electrical current, the WrinkleMD system distributes hyaluronic acid deep into the skin tissue, restoring its suppleness and tone. The treatment can be performed again and again in the comfort of your home to gradually softening wrinkles on the complexion. For those leery of clinical procedures but frustrated with the poor results possible with skin creams, the WrinkleMD system provides the answer.

The WrinkleMD skincare system was developed using the latest research into how the skin ages. The team of scientists and physicians examined not just how to cosmetically correct areas where signs of aging have formed but how to actually rejuvenate the affected area to promote more youthful looking skin with lasting results. This approach is what makes the WrinkleMD system so effective at addressing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

After product development, all WrinkleMD formulas are rigorously tested to ensure that they perform as intended when used by real men and women in everyday settings. In clinical trials, 95 percent of users reported improvements in the appearance of wrinkled skin after just one 40-minute treatment with the WrinkleMD system. After 4 weeks, 95 percent of users experienced a marked reduction in the depth and prominence of even deep facial wrinkles in the eye area. Compared to topicals, the WrinkleMD system is shown to be 15 times more effective at reducing the appearance of signs of aging, making it the ultimate choice of intervention for individuals who want maximum results in the fight against wrinkles.

The WrinkleMD collection includes more than just the revolutionary micro-current system. The brand also produces prep products to help ready the skin for the at-home anti-aging skin care treatments as well as topical formulas that complement the effects of the micro-current tool to promote healthy skin. If you're ready to improve the look and feel of your skin, choose the WrinkleMD anti-aging system.

Collagen is an important part of skin tissue. These cells provide a supporting matrix that provides the smooth, firm tone that everyone desires for their skin. Unfortunately, as skin ages or is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, collagen is weakened, which causes skin to sag and create lines, wrinkles and pouches under the eyes.

WrinkleMD Products help to revive collagen by delivering hyaluronic acid, the major building block of collagen, back into the skin tissue. While some physicians will help skin regain its firmness by injecting hyaluronic acid to boost the health of collagen, the delivery system of WrinkleMD Products is less intrusive, less expensive and -- unlike an injection -- actually pleasant to experience. Not only does hyaluronic acid help build and maintain collagen, but it holds at least 1,000 times its weight in water, helping skin to retain proper hydration, which also assists in keeping the skin surface smooth and free of lines and wrinkles. By maintaining a proper level of this important material in the skin structure, WrinkleMD Products contribute to smooth, beautiful and healthy skin.

The appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin -- particularly pouches under the eyes -- are the obvious signs of aging skin. These are all caused by the depletion of the supporting matrix of collagen cells, in particular the decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid, a major constituent of collagen. WrinkleMD Products help deliver hyaluronic acid back into the skin tissue, efficiently and painlessly, to boost the strength of collagen and regain the firm, smooth skin that everyone desires.

The skin is porous, allowing molecules, if they are small enough, to be absorbed and delivered deep into the tissues. The WrinkleMD Eye System uses infusion technology to deliver hyaluronic acid into the skin tissues, deeper than can be achieved by topical application of creams and serums. The system uses a pair of patches positioned under the eyes and an activator pod device to deliver electrical micro-pulses, which only feels like a mild tingle, to help the hyaluronic acid be absorbed to where it is needed during a 40-minute session. The system uses a smart technology that "reads" the skin, to determine the hydration level and adjust the amount of hyaluronic acid to be delivered, so the skin is not left too dry or over-hydrated. Clinical tests have shown that 95% of women who used the system reported discernible results immediately after a session. Continued use visibly reduces lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

In addition to the activator pod and pouch, six pairs of pads are included with the kit; WrinkleMD Patch Refill is available.

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