Salicylic Acid

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Do you struggle to find products that work for your blemish-prone skin? It's time you added some salicylic acid into your skincare regime. When it comes to fighting those pesky zits, nothing works harder than salicylic acid; think of it as your breakout's worst nightmare. From the very first use, salicylic acid can reduce the appearance of spots, and with long-term, regular use it will help to keep blemishes at bay for a clearer complexion.

In skincare, there are two main types of acids: alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids, with salicylic belonging to the beta hydroxy family. Both work to exfoliate the skin, but thanks to their structure, they work in different ways. While alpha hydroxy acids work purely on the skin's surface, the chemical structure of beta hydroxy acids makes them oil-soluble and allows them to penetrate into the pores of the skin.

Thanks to its ability to travel deep in the pores, salicylic acid gets to work unclogging the dirt, debris and excess oil that blocks pores and leads to breakouts. As well as effectively targeting whiteheads and dissolving blackheads, the anti-inflammatory benefits of salicylic acid are ideal for soothing and reducing inflamed red pimples. No matter what type of spots your skin is prone to, salicylic acid is there to help. This BHA is also a high-performance exfoliator, sloughing away dead skin cells at a surface level to leave skin feeling softer and looking smoother and brighter.

Here at SkinStore, we've compiled a complete collection of products containing salicylic acid from some of your favorite skincare brands. From toners to serums, targeted treatment gels to face masks, within this wide range of products there's something for everyone. Add salicylic acid into your routine and see the transformation it can give to oily, problematic and acne-prone skin.

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