Beautiful Lashes, Colorful Eyes

Today there are a number of pricy lash enhancers on the market, but few can compare on price, versatility and fun against the Line n Grow Lash Lengthening Tinted Eyeliner. The Line n Grow product line at has beautiful color offering such as Midnight Blue, Eggplant, Olive and even Clear for use at night.
To use the colored daytime formulas apply the Line n Grow to your lash line as you would any other eye liner then apply your other makeup as you normally would once the Line n Grow dries. The results from this all natural non-toxic eyelash enhancer are a noticeable improved appearance of your otherwise damaged or short lashes. Your lashes will look healthier and you will feel better about this paraben free, mineral oil free, certified vegan product. In addition, this product is also cruelty free!
To find out all of the benefits of the Line n Grow line, check it out at!
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