Booty Camp

Has Thanksgiving dinner taken a toll on your figure? Feeling guilty for going back for seconds or maybe even thirds? If your bum is not quite as perky and round as it used to be, we’ve got a few tips to whip your butt back into shape before New Years Eve rolls around.
First of all, there’s no magical lotion or potion that can give you a perfect derrière with no exercise or dieting involved. Everything in life worth having takes some effort to achieve. Same goes for your tush! Products can help smooth and firm the skin, but not the actual shape and size. Using a stimulating product like Bliss Fat Girl Sleep with potent ingredients that stimulate lymphatic drainage is helpful to reduce the appearance of dimpled skin. This product also has moisturizers that smooth and firm the skin.
To see dramatic results, sweat and modifications to your diet are essential. Eating healthy, well balanced meals will benefit not only your booty, but your overall health. Here are a few key exercises that will help create that perky, round shape you’re looking for.
Bent-Knee Deadlift: (Repeat 3 sets of 15)
Stand with feet shoulder width apart, holding a 5 pound weight in each hand at inner thighs. Bend knees to a shallow squat (about 30 degrees). Keeping your back straight, lower the weights toward the ground, squeeze glutes and slowly stand up. Repeat.
Single Leg Bridge: (Repeat 3 sets of 15)
Lie with your back on the floor and place your feet hip width apart on a couch or bench, knees bent 70 to 90 degrees. Extend left leg, keeping your toes pointed. Press into your right foot and lift hips toward the ceiling. Repeat on opposite side.
Lateral Step Extension (Repeat 3 sets of 15)
Stand with your right side facing a step bench, holding a 5 pound weight in each hand in front of your thighs. Step up sideways onto the bench with your right foot, then lift your left leg 45 degrees to the side, toes pointed. Hold for 3 counts. Step down and repeat. Switch sides.
Stay consistent with the booty camp routine and you’ll see results in no time!
Source: FitnessMagazine
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