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Natural and organic products have gained increased popularity during the last 5+ years that I have been here at I’ve seen an evolution in customers that have gone from mildly curious to highly passionate about what product they will choose to put on their skin.
For us its wonderful when we have customers calling in asking questions about products because the diversity in the questions we get asked can range from focusing on organic certification and verifying products have not been tested on animals to simply wanting a minimal list of ingredients in skincare products. What we love is that we have products to fit everyone’s skincare needs and desires.
Let’s talk Natural. At SkinStore we have a Natural skincare department that offers a broad range of natural products that contain high concentrations of “natural extracts and botanicals while avoiding common controversial chemicals, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrance whenever possible.”  There are hundreds of products to choose from and many brands that offer not only natural or botanical ingredients but also provide eco-friendly and cruelty free products. In addition, some brands have even taken the next step in supporting our environment by focusing on minimizing their footprint and supporting environmental organizations that are focused on protecting our beautiful planet.
If you are into “natural”, come on by our natural department and take a look around. We’d love to see you there!

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SkinStore Editors

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