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How to Wear Dark Lips for Halloween

How to Wear Dark Lips for Halloween
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Dark lipstick can be feared by many. I for one have a really small, thin-lipped pout, meaning I shy away from those deeper, darker lip colors. However, with Halloween approaching, this edgy lip shade is the one to rock, so it's time to learn how to not be afraid.

Shades of black, plum and red wine are intense and dramatic, making them great choices for those Halloween parties. A striking dark lip is also a great update to your Fall/Winter make-up, and if it scares you a little, you can always go a little easier on the rest of your face make-up.

Learn how to channel your inner 'Goth' and ransform your look with our easy-to-follow dark lipstick guide below.

1. Scrub First!

Lipstick lovers will already know that if you apply a dark color to dry lips, it can have a disastrous results. Color sinks into fine lines and clings to any dry patches, giving that flaky, uneven look.

The key is to exfoliate your lips before applying dark colors, encouraging a smoother, longer lasting finish. An exfoliating lip scrub will gently buff away at any lose skin cells, creating the perfect base for your lipstick. As well as polishing your pout, the lip scrubs available today also contain nourishing and hydrating ingredients, so your lips are primed to perfection.

2. Line Your Lips

Dark lip colors can be notorious for feathering and bleeding. To ensure your lipstick stays on your lips and not fading out onto your skin, chose a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade. Use it to line your lips with a clean lip line, and also to re-sculpt a little too!

Here's an extra tip: If you want to go daring and use black lipstick, a black eye-liner pencil will work almost as well as a black lip-liner. Just don’t use anything too creamy - no matter the color - as it will smudge more easily.

3. Use a Lip Brush

Sometimes, the tip of a lipstick is rather thick and bulky, giving an un-precise application. Lip brushes save the day here by offering total control of your lip color application, letting you define, shade and pronounce. If you line your lips first, and then start to fill in your lips with a fine brush, you'll find the dark colors are much less messy to layer up and

4. Go For It!

Layer it on! If you’re going to a Halloween party, feel free to throw any rules about dark lips/minimal eyes out of the window. After all, no scary skeletons would be seen dead (or alive?) without dramatically dark and seriously sexy smoky eye shadow. However, if you want to wear dark lipstick for a general night out, then maybe try striping back the dark eyes a little. Have a play around. After all, it's a fun look...

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Writer and expert
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