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New! Limited Edition NuFACE Trinity Coral Crush: known as the 5 minute Face-Lift, this award winning FDA-cleared device delivers beautiful, unparalleled professional results in an easy to use at-home system. NuFACE Trinity features a smart skin sensor and interchangeable attachments to enable a variety of spa-quality therapies.
The NuFACE Trinity comes standard with the Trinity Facial Trainer Attachment, which is built on the same microcurrent technology that made NuFACE Classic the leading handheld facial toning device. With the microcurrent based Trinity Facial Trainer attached, the NuFACE Trinity gently and effectively stimulates your skin to improve your appearance. In a recent clinical study:
– 85% of clinical study users experienced significant improvements in facial contour
– 80% of clinical study users said their face felt more toned
– 73% of clinical study users experienced significant improvements in skin tone
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