Pamper Your Precious Rugrats

We always remain loyal when addressing our own frantic skin concerns; however we also need to be aware of great products for our little ones. This can be a very tricky situation as baby and toddler skin is very sensitive. From bathing our tots, to healing them, treating them and keeping them protected, I have the line for you. An added bonus is something for the Queen in this line as well! Hello…Royal Hiney.
Babies require strenuous attention and efforts to keep them happy and healthy. All of our moms out there know exactly what the duties entail. We like our babies to stay smiley and what better way to keep them happy than by correctly treating their harsh moments. At the moment of new life, certain skin sensitivities and conditions can pester our little ones with irritation or discomfort. Introduce Royal Hiney Baby Body Butter to your little ones skin. It is ultra mild, non-greasy, and very moisturizing. It is enriched with lavender, chamomile and honeydew.
If you have a problem area which sprouts on your little bugger’s skin, try using the Ouchie Grouchy Ointment. This will help treat any scratches, rashes or boo-boo’s. You can use it as often throughout the day as needed for infants, and for your mischievous toddlers. Diapers…..sigh. Boy, do we get sick of these! Stinky, damp, and rash causing there is a product to help. Take out your tackle box of remedies and try Royal Crackle Spackle to repair your little ones bum. It is an ultra thick zinc based ointment with the healing properties of aloe, cod liver oil, and lanolin.
Teething is next on the menu. This painful step is one which we all can relate to at young or old age. However, fret be gone with Cheeky Monkey Teething Gel. This gel is deliciously flavored in cherry and user friendly. Spread it over the gums to soothe and protect those irritations in the mouth. *Hint* It can be used to help soothe irritations related to braces also!
One of the most important steps in our children’s regimen is keeping them clean. This is to help keep them healthy and keep all the germs away. To banish away the daily rubbish covering your tyke, use Baby Posh Wash. This is a gentle, tear free wash that is sulfate free and 100% hypoallergenic. The wash also contains chamomile and lavender extracts. What’s best is that the products are all packaged in their own very unique and cute bottles. It makes the products excellent gifts and very exciting to use for the candidate at hand.
The products all have very high customer ratings and reviews which is exactly the kind of talk we love to hear! Oh and while I am on a roll with these new and exciting products…..don’t let me forget about our star individuals. Moms! We most definitely cannot forget about you all. There is also a product in this line called God Save the Queen Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. This product can be your savior. It is clinically proven to prevent future stretch marks and help reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks. The product contains peptides, cocoa butter, and shea butter. What better way to stay moisturized and smooth.
Anyways…take a moment to try something new and fun. Don’t neglect your little buggers and keep an eye out for products that bring smiles to their faces. We all need some TLC and especially for the ones who look up to us for protection. Get your hiney in gear and look to the Royal Hiney line!



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