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Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients Trial: The Results

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients Trial: The Results
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It's finally arrived: the end of our Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients 3 month trial is now over! Our lovely SkinStore Merchandiser Emily has been taking the supplements for just over 12 weeks, on a mission to kick-start her sluggish hair growth, thicken up the feel of the hair, and improve the overall volume and density.

The 3 Month Journey

We started the trial back in June, when Emily first started taking 3 supplements a day to carry out the course the correct way. You can read everything about Emily's hair situation and the science behind the nutrients here.

We also fed back about how she was finding the supplements, 8 weeks into the course. Here, she expressed how it was after week 4 and going into week 5 that she actually started to notice positive changes to her hair. Emily had felt the difference when touching her roots, and had started to notice a slight improvement to the length at such a short space of time.

Emily's thoughts at the 8 week mark can all be seen here, as we documented her progress. However, a reminder of her half-way thoughts are below, which we were super excited to see were really positive!

“For the first few weeks, I didn’t see too much happen, but I continued to take the three capsules a day as instructed. However, it was around week 4/5 when I was washing my hair, I noticed a slightly thicker feeling right at my roots when massaging in my shampoo. Week by week since then, I’ve been noticing that when running my fingers through my hair, I’m starting to feel that my hair is getting much thicker. Upon appearance it isn’t so noticeable, more so when I feel it myself.” 

At the 8 week mark, Emily started to notice more visible improvements too. She fed back the following when the end of the second month was approaching:

  • Hair seemed to respond easier to styling, feeling much more manageable
  • Noticeable improvement to the length, seeing speedier growth after just 6 weeks
  • Feeling a little bit thicker and longer in length, Emily doesn’t feel the need to rely on extensions for adding volume

Remember, all the points above were achieved by Emily following the instructions perfectly: 3 capsules a day, everyday, to ensure maximum results.

The 3 Month Results:

After 3 months of taking the Hair Density Nutrients, we have a very happy Merchandiser on our team! Here are the main things Emily noticed after the 3 month trial, giving us her honest thoughts:

  • Hair Length: The main thing I noticed was the change in length, the supplements really did speed up the growth, and I'm so pleased to say my hair is at its longest! And it's only been three months. I highly recommend these if you want to see and feel your hair growing at a much faster rate.
  • Volume: It certainly feels thicker, more so at the roots, which I notice everything I run my hands through or massage my hair when washing. I can imagine it would start to look even thicker another 3 months down the line with continuing to take them.
  • Health: I have to say my hair is in the best condition its been in, and I know this because I'm getting more compliments! It feels healthy and looks shinier and stronger. I'm honestly overly happy with the results of these supplements.

Another bonus is the packaging - they look so lovely in their jar!

Overall, Emily rates these supplements 9/10. The only downfall fed back is that you really have to stick to constantly taking the supplements to see the improvements happen quickly, although with the help of using the Hair Density Serum and Scalp Detox at the same time, you're increasing the results even more.

If you want to experience happy hair like Emily, take a look at the product with a little more info here!

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Writer and expert
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