Probiotics: Great for Your Skin Too!

When we think of probiotics, most of us would agree they are a great supplement for digestive health. But what do they do for the skin topically? Probiotics stimulate the skin’s immune system and stimulate reparative action. So, this is excellent news for everyone, but really excellent news for those who have inflammation or are prone to redness. People who have reactive skin or are recovering from aggressive skin procedures will also benefit.

One of my body’s many awesome, probiotic-based products is the Calm After The Storm Soothing Treatment. It brings relief to dry, itchy and irritated skin. If you’ve had a reaction to a product, this is your go-to serum for relief. But, this is not just a one-trick pony. It also has an instant tightening effect that will make your skin firmer. All the while, it’s wrapped in this skin-defending and healing formulation. This serum plays well with others and is perfect to layer with a different serum or you can use this in the morning and another serum at night!
We really love the mybody line. You can check out all their products on our site. If you’d like help with recommendations, please call us!



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