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Quick Tip: Tips on Tipping

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Confused on the proper amount to tip your beauty service provider? Well, hopefully I can help remove any questioning from this guessing game. I worked in a spa for over 2 years as an esthetician. I’ve seen it all when it comes to tipping; over tipped, under tipped, not tipped and tipped in nickels…. (yes, that really happened). So when it comes to things like this, I have to say I’m a girl who prefers guidelines not rules, so here’s a general outline. Different experiences call for different ranges of tipping, it is said that the rule of thumb is 15- 20 percent per total of services. So when leaving the salon, keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Leave a little extra for strenuous work or truly wonderful experiences.
  • Hair assistants should be given $2-$5 if provided a shampoo.
  • Don’t tip the salon owner.
  • When possible tip in cash (but keep the change), otherwise the tip is taxed on the paycheck.
  • If you’re using a Gift Certificate to pay, double check to see if a gratuity is covered in the balance.
  • When possible give the tip directly to your service provider, it is more personable that way.

Tipping is your way of showing gratitude, no need to feel intimidated, this is only a form of saying “Thank you!”   Click here for more helpful Quick Tips!  Follow Violet on Twitter!


SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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