Skincare Faux Pas

If it’s burning, it’s working! A fat-free diet will make my acne go away! I only need sunscreen in the summer! My skin is oily, I don’t need a moisturizer!
Right?! ALL WRONG!
Here are some principal skincare faux pas to avoid:
If it burns, it works.
When I was in middle school experiencing typical teen break-outs I would use rubbing alcohol as my toner to dry up the pimples. Little did I know, the rubbing alcohol was irritating my skin and exacerbating my acne. When I was in college I used a high concentration glycolic acid peel to treat my hormonal acne, and since the recommended treatment time was ten minutes, I left the glycolic on for thirty minutes to achieve beautiful skin. Yeah, right! My skin was red, raw and peeling for many months. Less is more when it comes to active ingredients. Always follow directions when using skincare products.
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Fats make your skin break-out.
Many women make a mistake of staying away from fats in their diet. While hamburgers may add extra inches to your waist line, certain fats are beneficial to your health and skin. Fish like salmon and mackerel contain beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed and nuts also contain omega-2 fatty acids. Avocados and olive oil are also beneficial to the skin. Beneficial fats also have anti-inflammatory ingredients which help to alleviate inflammation associated with acne, so certain fats are actually good for your skin!
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I only need sunscreen when the sun is out.
Everyone needs to use sunscreen on a daily basis. The sun’s harmful rays penetrate through the clouds and through the windshield, and even on overcast days there are sun rays (why do you think it’s light out in the day? The sun is out). Even fluorescent lights emit radiation which is harmful and damaging to the skin- so wear an SPF of 15 daily to protect your skin from aging and sun damage.
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My skin is oily, so I don’t need moisturizer.
Chances are, if your skin is oily, you like to use products that strip your skin of oil. You love a matte finish and hate anything that feels greasy on the skin. But when you use products that take away all of the protective oils from the skin, your skin will go into overdrive to produce more oil, so it’s a never ending fight! To keep your skin balanced and hydrated without feeling greasy, you’ll need to use an oil-free moisturizer. We love DDF Ultra Light Oil Free Moisturizing Dew.
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