What Is the Best Order for Applying Makeup?

As women of beauty, we all have our own methods for creating the perfect look. Some of them make perfect sense and others (like opening our mouths while applying mascara) make no sense at all! We have developed little tricks to make our mornings go more efficiently. Applying makeup in the car on the way to work should never be a time saving method ladies! I am offering the method to my makeup madness, in hopes of helping your mornings go more smoothly.
The first trick is to be familiar with your skin type and tone. Finding your correct colors will save you time and money in the long run. Nobody wants the pumpkin orange ring around our face or the white invisible tanning goggle look. When choosing the perfect concealer, go with a shade or two lighter than your foundation color.
After you find the right colors, you are ready to groom your eyebrows. You do not want to go tweezer-happy! Just a simple tweeze or two would be sufficient. Remember we pluck chickens, not our eyebrows. A simple and understated brow is the key to looking fresh and manicured. Tweezerman Slant Tweezer is a customer favorite. It has an easy slant design that is perfect for getting all those tiny little hairs that annoy us. These tweezers also come in assorted colors to make this experience not as painful. Well, it may still hurt but at least you will do it in style!
After you select the proper colors and groom your brows it is time for some much needed hydration. You can select a light oil free moisturizer before applying your foundation. I like M2 Skin Technologies Skin Recovery Moisturizer. It goes on light and protects your skin with essential vitamins and it’s antibacterial.
I like to start with my eyes. This is always the step that takes the longest so I like to get it out of the way. After you make your eyes shimmer you want to apply your foundation. By applying the foundation after the eyes you don’t need to worry about all those sparkly little pieces of pixy dust sticking to your face. You can brush them off before applying your foundation. After foundation, get cheeky with a little blush or bronzer. After you’re glowing from ear to ear, finish it off with your lips. The lips are the first to rub off so they should be applied last. If you want to make your lip color stay on longer and prevent feathering, we suggest Actifirm Lip Definer; it is formulated with rich emollients and moisturizers. It contains silicone so it really will help to fill in all those little lines. It will be smooth sailing from here ladies!
To finish the look we suggest Avene Thermal Spring Water to help set your makeup. This also works great for mineral makeup like bareMinerals to help settle the mineral particles onto the skin. This purse sized spray also works great during the day for a little skin pick me up.
Whatever your methods are, find a routine that works best for you. Just don’t cut too many corners when it comes to looking good and feeling great about yourself. You are totally worth it!
Products featured in this article: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer, M2 Skin Technologies Skin Recovery Moisturizer, Actifirm Lip Definer, Avene Thermal Spring Water.

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