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Why You Should Use This Vitamin C Treatment At Night

Why You Should Use This Vitamin C Treatment At Night
SkinStore Editors
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We know that vitamin C is an antioxidant powerhouse, and can assist with producing collagen and cell turnover to combat discoloration and support elasticity. But when’s the best time to use vitamin C? Our team loves this ingredient for both day and night time use, but here’s a snapshot as to why vitamin C is great to use as you slumber to wake up with renewed skin. 

Can you use vitamin C at night?

The short answer is yes. Remember, vitamin C can help boost collagen production, brighten the skin (by fading hyperpigmentation), and protect against sun damage. However, using it during the daytime can also lead to the skin being sensitive to sun exposure and discoloration. That's why it's important to layer an SPF over your vitamin C when you use it during the day. Vitamin C in addition to SPF actually boosts your sun protection so they're a great pair in your daytime skin care routine.

Your skin repairs itself at night, which is why nighttime beauty routines are essential for healthier-looking skin along with a balanced diet and a good night’s rest. That’s why our team’s latest favorite product is a must-have for overnight treatments, theKat Burki Retin C Treatment Complex Serum. 

Super Nutrient Complexes with Kat Burki

This serum is a powerful treatment utilizing advanced skincare technologies to deliver unparalleled anti-aging effects.

The unique formula, loved by editors at SKINCARMA, is based upon one of the brand’s Super Nutrient Complexes, which combines STAY C (vitamin C) and Rovisome (a less abrasive, more effective form of Retinol) to maximize the efficacy of both. 

STAY C delivers potent antioxidant properties, helping to neutralize free radical damage, while the Rovisome activates cell turnover and replenishment, helping to combat collagen break down to stop fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

Ideal for dull and mature skin, but safe for most skin types, the serum deeply penetrates skin, creating an instant firming and toning effect for a complexion that appears more even, smooth and supple and makes it perfect to add to your nighttime beauty routine. 

For more beauty routine and product recommendations, including ingredient pieces like vitamin C, check out our advice column hereTo have your own tailored routine, book a session with our SkinStore Concierge program for a consultation with our licensed estheticians.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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