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Beauty Products To Enhance Your Health And Fitness

Beauty Products To Enhance Your Health And Fitness
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It’s National Family Health and Fitness Day – a great time to reflect on your well-being and daily beauty regime.

In preparation for the fitness theme this weekend, we’ve put together a few products to help enhance your day to day beauty and fitness regime to help sustain a longer, fitter and happier lifestyle.

Mio Skincare Fit Skin for Life Kit

Mio Skincare is one of our favorite brands dedicated to inventing products that create “fit skin for life” as their slogan states.

An effective set to help enhance your fitness is Mio Skincare’s Fit Skin For Life Kit, which contains a trio of products which will cover all your bodycare needs.

  • Boob Tube+ Multi-Action Bust Cream
  • The Activist Active Body Oil
  • Workout Wonder Muscle Gel

These products go hand in hand with your work-outs, so that you have a little something to add to your routine after doing exercise, in order to get a firmer, healthier glow all over.


Achieve firmer, smoother skin from using the following set:

1. The ActivistActive Body Oil:

The Activist Oil contains a key ingredient of Carthamus Tinctorius Oil which is a driving mechanism towards achieving softer and smoother skin.

The oil is full of antioxidants and contains nutrients that all help to leave the skin moisturized, hydrated and feeling fabulous.

2. The Boob Tube+ Multi-Action Bust Cream:

This cream works wonders to firming out wrinkles in the chest region. This cream has an array of key ingredients which all support in the process of repairing the skin and improving the appearance of the cleavage.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf (aka Aloe Vera) contributes to calming, cooling and smoothing the skin as we all know. This plays a main part in the product’s process of rehydrating the skin, and is packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E.

3. The Workout Wonder Muscle Gel:

The Gel is packed with a concoction of ingredients ranging from many herbs and extracts of Murumuru Butter, Spearmint and Horse Chestnut – all examples which contribute to helping smooth your muscles either pre or post workout!

The gel texture of the herbs and extracts will therefore give your muscles a real boost, providing a cooling sensation with the V-Tonic TM. This is a perfect opportunity to nurse those sore muscles after a workout when keeping on top of your health and fitness regime.

Mio Skincare New Gym Kit

As everyone’s talking about the Workout Wonder Muscle Gel, you should try out Mio Skincare's New ‘Gym Kit’ which contains both this gel you’re now familiar with, and also clean slate workout wipes.

These are ideal for when you’re in a rush and have no time to wash after exercising. So keep fit and clean with the mint and cucumber fragrance in the wipes which will leave you feeling fresh all day.

Elemis Cleansing Body Enhancement Capsules

Now you have your outer-body looking fabulous, let’s finish with some inner-body health capsules by Elemis.

To enhance the performance of your body, the cleansing deep drainage capsules will stimulate and improve your complexion in no time.

The great benefit with these capsules are that they eliminate bloating in line with slightly reducing your appetite, which generally makes you feel lighter, tighter and more energized for a healthier lifestyle.

Packed with a concoction of ingredients, the formula consists of herbs and natural marine plants which fight off toxins in the body.

Key Ingredient

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil is a great example as part of the natural formula within the Elemis capsules, as the essential oil is obtained from the peppermint plant. This is why this particular ingredient is used in many personal care products such as mouth washes and breath fresheners.

The ingredient is also known for its function as a skin conditioning agent, making you look better and feel better.

How To Use

Simply take 2 capsules every morning with your breakfast and make sure to drink plenty of water to complete your health regime for National Fitness Day.


To visit our full Mio Skincare range, click here.

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