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Mama Mio: A Personal Pregnancy Review

Mama Mio: A Personal Pregnancy Review
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Pregnancy: the only time in a women's life where going up 3 dress sizes in 9 months is 'cute'. It's also the only opportunity where eating for two and wearing elastic waistbands doesn't get judged. It's a time to enjoy the changes in your body and embrace the fact that 9 months down the line, it will all be worth it.


My Story

This is my second pregnancy, and I left 9 years in-between them because that's how long it took me to negotiate with myself that it wasn't that bad the first time. The truth is my first pregnancy wasn't that hard, I made it what it was. I remember my first pregnancy involved a lot of box sets and cheese and crackers, therefore that lovely glow most women get from blossoming was disguised by an inability to pass certain foods without consuming them in their entirety. And as for going to the gym - no thanks.

This time, however, I've accepted that my body will change, but my lifestyle doesn't have to. Pregnancy pilates, swimming and a dedicated skincare regime have all started, and I now have that glow I was promised, and a faint glimmer of bouncing back into my pre-pregnancy pants before my new child starts high school.


So, apart from the obvious 'binge less' rule and trying to be more active, my main objective is to reduce scarring from stretch marks. This is something that (as a younger mom) really bothered me, and has stayed with me for the longest time. Even though I know I shouldn't have, I felt as though I couldn't wear the types of clothes my friends wore, and the thought of wearing a bikini rocked me to the core.

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This time round I enlisted the help of Mama Mio. I was first introduced to this brand whilst doing a pregnancy pilates class at my local country club, in which I was pleased to hear of this award winning skincare brand whose mission is to promote 'fit skin for life', something I could now aspire to. I have been using the Pregnancy Essentials Kit throughout the entire first 6 months of pregnancy, and I feel much more positive that I can take hold of the next three months...

I chose Mama Mio for skin support during my pregnancy, mainly because I was advised that it really does work, but also because it is full of natural ingredients suitable for pregnancy and to use throughout breast feeding. Aloe Vera is one of the first listed ingredients across most of the products, delivering such a light texture, natural scent, and a soothing and cooling feel; exactly what you need when overheating and swelling becomes the norm!

What's inside?

For me, I felt that each of the products in the range had been designed specifically for my own pregnancy needs. Exactly what I wanted to experience when going through my second pregnancy...


Here's a run-down of how I found each product:

  • Pregnancy Boob Tube: This product is high in omega fatty acids, which are generally depleted during pregnancy and nursing. It also contains coQ10 which is great for cell growth and maintenance. Antioxidants derived from cabbage extract make it a super powerful preventative of sagging skin during the stretching and shrinking of motherhood. It's absorbed easily into the skin, and instantly nourishes, leaving it feeling supple and cared for.
  • Lucky Legs: For me this was more than a bit of a life saver. The refreshing fragrance is made from oils completely safe for pregnancy and it instantly cools with a spearmint tingle- perfect after a long day. I apply it to my legs (after peeling off the maternity skinny jeans that I refuse to go up yet another size in) and my legs feel instantly lighter. Because its handy size, it will also be a great addition in my overnight bag for the delivery suite.
  • Gorgeous Glow Face Wash: Perfect for the changes in my hormonal and ever changing pregnancy skin, as mine has become quite sensitive and oily. The great thing about this product is that its sulphate free, which stopped my skin from over drying. The probiotics in this face wash are also perfect for my skin now it has become more sensitive; probiotics help to reduce redness and help balance moisture in the skin. Loving this so far!
  • The Tummy Rub Butter: My own fight against stretch marks. It’s a beautifully rich body cream which is easily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling loved and cared for. It’s made from organic oils and lots of different blends of fatty acids to ensure your skin is kept supple and ready to stretch. If you feel as though you’re using too much product you can always use the tummy rub oil underneath to increase spread and pack in some extra nutrients.

So far, for me personally, I'm pleased to say my pregnancy skincare is working. My favorite product- The Tummy Rub Butter- will be one part of my routine I’ll be sticking with to ensure that those pesky stretch marks are kept in check. I can’t however promise that as the nights get darker and my due date gets nearer, I won’t indulge in old habits and get the cheese and crackers out!






Mama Mio is praised for it’s fantastic benefits for overall skincare and health for pregnant ladies, but it’s benefits also stretch to those who suffer hormonal changes to the body, dull and tired skin, no matter your situation. View the entire Mama Mio range here

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Writer and expert
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