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Best Oils to Fix Any Bad Hair Day

Best Oils to Fix Any Bad Hair Day
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Despite what you might think, using hair oils on a bad hair day is NOT going to make your hair look greasy! Here are some fantastic ways you can use hair oils to your advantage on a less-than-ideal hair day.

What is the purpose of hair oils?

Hair oils are meant to help your keep fly-aways in check, nourish your hair's natural shine and manage frizz.

One of the biggest reasons that you shouldn't worry about hair oils worsening the potentially already greasy state of your hair is that these guys aren't meant for the scalp anyway! If you've ever gone through puberty—we're assuming many of you have already—you know that your scalp can, from time to time, appear like a reservoir of oil. That is because your scalp is the source of sebum, the natural oils your hair produces to keep itself protected and healthy.

A little bit goes a long way

Just because hair oils are not meant for your scalp doesn't mean that you can't overdo it. Especially when it comes to these guys, there is wisdom in the age-old phrase, "A little bit goes a long way." In a recent interview with The Globe and Mail, owner of Salon Soap and Dundas Street West in Toronto, Ontario, Corin Berry said paying attention to your hair is the best way to judge how much you need.

Always start with a little bit, see what your hair is telling you and then add more if you need to.

Berry said in the case you find that the hair oil is weighing down your hair anyway, try it on wet hair. The water in your hair should dilute the product.

Sleep in it overnight

Believe it or not, the longer you allow an oil to sit in your hair, the better it works. This includes giving your hair a nice drink. If your locks are parched, Berry recommends taking a small amount of coconut oil, combing it through the ends of your hair, and sleeping on it overnight. Coconut is a very hydrating oil, so the longer you give your hair to drink it in, the silkier it will be after you wash it in the morning!

Fight away the frizz

Walking into a battle of The Taming of the Frizz is the worst, and definitely not what you should spend your morning doing. This is where argan oil comes in handy. Being a wonderful hair conditioner, this moisture-packed oil combats frizz while adding shine and softness to your locks!

Next time you find Medusa staring back at you, remember that all hope is not lost! Hair oils are here to save you! Bad hair days come, but they're never here to stay. Hair oils have what you need for any day of the week, or save them for a rainy day! You just might need it! Check out more hair oils on SkinStore today.

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Writer and expert
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