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Shaving Tips to Save Your Legs and Your Sanity

Shaving Tips to Save Your Legs and Your Sanity
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Anyone who has taken a shaving razor to their leg has probably experienced the instant of shock that comes the moment after they've felt the blade catch. The moments that proceed that initial twinge of fear feel a little like walking on eggs shells where extra precaution is taken to not repeat the same mistake twice.

Shaving Tips for a Painless, Close Shave

Like it or not, if you've shaved your legs before—or shaved at all—this is likely a scenario you are well acquainted with. We know what these moments can do to your confidence—and your legs. So, here are some shaving tips to help you make those nicks a thing of the past.

Keep Your Razor Fresh

You may be tired of hearing this one by now, but one of the keys to a casualty-free shave is to make sure your razor is nice and sharp! Just like you are safer in the kitchen chopping away with a sharp vs. a dull blade, the same is true here when you're giving your legs a quality lawn care service.

We're not saying you need to be replacing your razors every time you decide to shave, but there are a couple of things you can do to extend the life of your razor:

When you're done shaving, keep it in a dry place. Otherwise, moisture causes the blades to rust, and that is not something that saves you from razor bumps. A rusted razor blade can be the cause of razor bumps. When your blade is dull, you run over the same place multiple times for a close enough shave, which can irritate the skin causing small hairs to grow inward. Also known as ingrown hairs.

Give Your Skin a Protective Layer

Unlike when you're heading out for a day in the sun, we're not talking about SPF. To keep your razor from catching, the best bet you have is to give it a smooth, slick surface to glide on—water doesn't always cut it.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of products out there that provide the perfect layer for your shaving needs. Some even double duty and moisture the skin while providing protection from nicks and cuts!

A traditional shaving cream will do the job right. If you want something quick, easy, and nicely packaged in a sprayable can, shaving cream will provide that layer of protection very nicely. Plus, with shaving cream, you know where you've already swiped!

If you're looking for a double-duty product that is more cost-effective in the end, coconut oil is your weapon of choice. The nutrient-rich oil provides you with a protective layer while at the same time adding moisture to the skin. Instead of a trail of razor bumps, your shave will leave you with soft and silky legs!

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When you have a shaving track record notorious for nicks and cuts, there may be something you can take from that wise, old tortoise. If you've got the first two boxes checked: your razors nice and fresh, and you have the proper protective layer, then if there remains any threat left to your perfect shave it's rushing those strokes!

Even if nothing catches, when you're going too fast, your blade can still slip. If you don't want that trail of pink running down your drain, then take your time! Long, slow strokes will not only decrease your chances for cuts, but also allow the blades a better opportunity to actually grab the hairs. Nothing's worse than a shave that doesn't do you anything except leave your legs pink, puffy, and sad. Right?

No matter how long or short, your legs should be something you feel comfortable flaunting. Be confident when showing a little leg by putting as much time into the shave as you do in the dress!If your poor shaving job isn't driving you crazy yet, it will soon! Aside from helping your legs look their best, these shaving tips may just also help you hang on to your sanity as well!









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