In Conversation with Mr. Natty

If Roald Dahl had ever written a book about a barber with magical hair styling powers and a stylish array of grooming products, I imagine it would be called The Wonderful Adventures of Mr. Natty.

British barber Matt Raine, AKA Mr. Natty, has years of experience cutting hair, from rock stars to royalty. He’s the co-founder of the eponymous men’s grooming range and the epitome of great British taste.

Mr. Natty is cool and nonchalant but secretly a genius. He started the range together with his business partner, creative director and photographer Matt Brooke, after recognizing that something was missing from the relationships his male friends had with their hair. It started with the Beard Elixir, a concoction he developed for pals who complained of irritated skin. This is a blend of oils that cleanse, exfoliate and condition the skin to give it a glow. It can be used on the top lip too and the ladies love it.

He’s also the inventor of such gems as the Moustache Twizzle Wax, a tin of which remains in his pocket at all times to keep it nice and moist. What, you thought his moustache woke up like that?

Every formula in the family is easy to use. The vibe is very much ‘use the products, style, go’ – no fuss, no hassle, quick, simple. We met the man behind the moustache, to ask him about all things facial hair and English humour.

Mr Natty

Question: When you started out, it was flat top cuts for $6 in your kitchen. What are the hair trends you’re seeing now?

Classic styles. There’s a lot of traditional barbering skills coming back. Short, back and sides, high and tight, skin fades.

Question: How do you source and choose the ingredients for Mr Natty products?

We try to keep it as natural as possible using sustainable sources where we can. We like to reference traditional apothecary products and support local manufacturing by having everything made in the UK.

Question: How do you develop the product names?

Brainstorming over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Question: How do you perfect the woody fragrance in, say, the Beard Elixir?

Trial and error, finding out what sort of scents our customers like. We use the best essential oils that mix well together to invoke a woody, outdoors state of mind.

Question: Tell us a story from your seafaring adventures, cutting hair around the world

I used to live on a boat and I had a singing canary called Tinker. One day I put him on the top deck to catch some sunshine and the wind blew his cage right off. He floated off down the river but I managed to save him and bring him back to shore. He tweeted the whole way and was none the wiser.

I think he enjoyed it.

Question: My guy woke up late and has less than 10 minutes to shower, put on a fresh shirt, grab coffee and leave. Which product(s) should he reach for?

Shipwreck Shower Wash, either Beard Elixir or Shave Oil depending on how hairy he is, Save Ya Own Skin moisturiser, and Dub in the hair.

Question: Which product would you say the ladies love the most on their man?

All of it. Beard Elixir and the hair products probably get the most compliments.

Question: How does a guy pull off that effortless British charm?

By having self confidence. By not being too worried about what other people think. Just be natural. Don’t follow the pack. And have a nice rub down with our range.

Question: Whose ‘tache or beard do you admire the most?

Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York, Santa, Scott of the Antarctic and Captain Birdseye.

Question: What is your favorite animated movie and why?

Fantastic Mr Fox because I can relate to the characters.

Question: What’s your favorite dessert?

Anything! My nickname is “puds”…

I love spotted dick (a classic British dessert that’s spongey, fruity and usually served with custard), treacle tart and gypsy tart (also a British delicacy, this time a tart made with evaporated milk, muscovado sugar, and pastry).

Question: The Beatles, The Kinks, or The Rolling Stones?

The Rolling Stones.

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