Our Top Brands to Stop Hair Loss & Thinning

Hair loss and hair thinning can be a hassle to deal with as we get older. But we at SkinStore look for and celebrate haircare solutions, which is why we love these top Haircare brands for combating thinning and hair loss. 

Grow Gorgeous 

Grow Gorgeous uses scientifically proven ingredients which work to enhance hair growth and repair the individual strands to restore thickness. The brand’s goal is to provide visible results for hair thickness, fullness and shine, while placing equal importance on the integrity of existing hair. Which is why their INTENSE hair regimen is great for re-energizing your hair’s roots and stimulating the strands. 

Grow Gorgeous’s INTENSE routine has been formulated with an extra kick of high-performance active ingredients including Caffeine, Allantoin and Ceramide for fuller, thicker and healthier-looking hair.


The Keranique collection contains a unique set of ingredients that supply the scalp with the nourishment required to produce thicker hair follicles, allowing the hair to appear much more lustrous and voluminous. 

Unlike most other hair loss products, Keranique is specifically formulated to encourage female hair rejuvenation and provides its users with instant and long-term results

Keranique’s extensive range consists of a full line of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, supplements, treatments and styling products. With regular use of Keranique products, you should see fuller, stronger and more beautiful hair within 2 weeks.


Since 1965, KLORANE has used only the purest plant extracts, sustainably grown with 100% traceability, to target specific hair needs such as hair loss and hair thinning. 

Harnessing the fortifying powers of Quinine, bark extract from an Ecuadorian tree, KLORANE’s Quinine line has an effective formula that works to stimulate natural levels of Keratin while alleviating knots and tangles. 

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