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The No-Makeup Makeup Look: The Dos, the Don’ts, and the How-to

The No-Makeup Makeup Look: The Dos, the Don’ts, and the How-to
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You ever wondered how those people who come into work wearing virtually no makeup at all look so put together? That is because, my dears, they have mastered the five-minute art of the “no-makeup” makeup look.

This doesn’t mean when they happen to wake up late, they grab the first product their fingers touch, hope it brings color to their face, and book it out the door. These persons wake up on time on routine! They’ve simply embraced the idea that less really is more.

Take a lesson or two from New York Fashion Week. You don't need to cake it on to look fabulous.

How do you master the “no-makeup” makeup look?

Before you do anything else to your face, you need to prep your canvas. Regardless of how many minutes are ticking away, take the time to cleanse and treat your skin. The key to any flawless makeup look is flawless skin!

If you don’t cleanse your skin there are millions of bacteria that sit on the skin that lead to acne breakouts—which are anything, but flawless. So lather up in the morning, you’ll be happy you did!

Frame the Face

The foundation to any “no makeup” make up look is framing the face. If you haven’t figured this out already, I’m talking about those lovely arches that sit above your eyes. Filling these babies in does miracles for the look.

Even if the only other thing you do is slap on some lipstick, having those brows neatly groomed, shaped, and full add dimension to the rest of your features!

Enhance Your Natural Face Shape

Now would be a good time to practice minimalism. Apply concealer where needed and set with a translucent powder.

If you are to master the art of the “no makeup” look, it may be time to master the art of contouring. Contouring brings even more dimension to the face, enhancing your natural features and defining those most prominent.

When it’s easier to see your already beautiful face, you automatically look more put together!

Add That “Pop” Color

Here is where you want to decide what feature you want to emphasize. Do you have big, brilliant eyes? Luscious lips? Or perfect cheekbones?

Whatever your trademark feature, swipe on some color be that a natural shade of lipstick, a pinky blush, or a shimmery shadow.

Didn’t You Forget Mascara?

Good question, but no, we didn’t. This product is perfectly optional, plus you’ve only got five minutes here.

If you don’t have a set up long lashes and you still have 30 seconds to spare, swipe on a coat or two, but biggest rule here is smart, minimalistic application.

Waking up late, or just wanting to go with something chill and easy, the “no makeup” makeup look is a good staple to have when you want to cut down on your morning routine. However much time you have when you wake up, remember those fast five minutes don’t have to look like fast five minutes!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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