SkinStore Awards 2017: Best Hair Care Brand

Here at Skinstore, we’re hosting our first annual beauty awards and today’s category will reveal The Best Hair Care Brand of 2017. As it’s so hard to choose a favorite, we got you to choose for us! In case you didn’t get a chance to vote, the nominees were as follows:

Philip Kingsley

British-born tricologist Philip Kingsley, fondly dubbed the ‘Hair Doctor’, the ‘Hair Guru’ and the ‘Hair Wizard’ by various style magazines, was internationally recognized as the leading authority in hair and scalp health.

Backed by over 55 years’ of trichological experience, Philip Kingsley went on to create a line of in-salon, trichologically driven hair and scalp products – a first at the time. Recognizing a void in the industry, he bridged the gap between science and hairdressing, delivering formulations that not only beautified the hair, but allowed it to reach its full health potential.

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Our recent hair care brand obsession falls with Alterna. This  professional hair care brand has an extensive collection of products which pamper the locks using only the finest of unique ingredients.

Focusing on using pure properties and backed by science, Alterna’s products cater for all hair types.

We have the full range of Alterna hair products online here at SkinStore! Enjoy incredible fresh hair with their range of shampoosconditioners and styling products. Check out our favorite Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo which balances moisture levels while a sulfate free cleanser hydrate dry hair leaving it shiny and silky. Their Caviar CC Cream – or “Complete Correction” Cream – is a miracle leave-in product that delivers 10 benefits in one easy step, leaving hair perfectly polished and ready to take on the day.


Grow Gorgeous

Grow Gorgeous is a luxury hair care brand dedicated to only one main mission: helping you achieve the healthiest and strongest hair.

This revolutionary brand is taking the hair care world by storm, with customers all over the world reaping the success of a fuller, thicker head of hair. We even got involved in a 60 day challenge and we were impressed with the results.

So with these happy customers singing its praises, and reports of the best selling Hair Density Serum promoting the growth of 13,000 extra hairs (yes – you read that right, an extra 13,000!). Shop now:


Christophe Robin

French born hair colorist Christophe Robin unabashedly admits he is terrible at cutting – you wouldn’t turn to him at his Parisian salon for new bangs or a trim. But color, color he knows. He understands it on a level more granular than most, he plays with light and contrasting to create a shade that not only turns your hair into your crown, but also brings out the best in your eyes and skin tone, and he is the homme credited for Catherine Deneveu’s iconic blonde hair.

Christophe Robin’s Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt has come out as a favorite amongst many a beauty editor, is winner of several beauty accolades and serves as a treatment that Natalie Portman uses all the time.



Working with clean hair is a good way to start. Scalp tissue holds a lot of bacteria and when combined with oil or product build-up, it weighs down hair as well as preventing healthy growth from follicles over time. Switch your regular shampoos and conditioner with volumizing alternatives from time to time. Most shampoos and conditioners leave behind a slight residue to optimize hydration; volumizing substitutes will cleanse and condition without adding weight.

Fine hair struggles to attract volume because the alchemy behind big hair is related to the diameter of hair fibers. Try Keranique’s Scalp Stimulating Shampoo which contains pro-vitamin B5, one of the few ingredients out there scientifically proven to increase hair’s diameter.



For over half a century, Phyto has been a front-runner in the plant-based hair care industry and has produced salon-quality formulas. Founded by one of Paris’ most respected hair stylists, Patrick Alès, Phyto has gained its place as one of the most respected hair care brands in the world. Unlike many other hair care companies, Phyto acknowledges the link between science, nature and healthy hair.

Phyto’s products currently hold the highest concentration of pure plants extracts out of the entire hair care market, with their product range proving to be 95% natural. Phyto prides itself on its pioneering scientific developments and its ability to create products that nourish the hair from the root to the tip.

Take a look through their dietary supplement caplets which are comprised of natural elements, each daily dose provides all the nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants needed to promote healthy hair growth, strengthen nails, illuminate skin and fortify lashes. Hair regains its density and shine.

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And the awards don’t stop there! We’ve revealed the entire list of winners over on the blog, so do check out each category winner to see which brands have been crowned the nation’s favorites….

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