5 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

If you’re a girl on the go then you know the make-up struggle is real. In-between dropping the kids off at school, meetings, picking up dry cleaning and gatherings, make-up tends to slide right off the face.

Avoid a meltdown by staying hydrated inside and out, and keeping these five commandments in mind.

  1. Start fresh
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    Start fresh

    Oil and water never mix, so keep your face oil-free before applying your makeup or it will slide right off.

    Start with a clean canvas every morning, because your skin repairs itself at night so it’s important to rinse off the dead skin cells. FAB’s Ultra Repair skin-loving Gentle Cleansing Bar will do the job rather nicely.

    Pat skin dry, tone and apply a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer like Juice Beauty’s Oil Free Moisturizer. Let it dry before bringing anything else into the game.

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  2. Use a smart primer
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    Use a smart primer

    Once you’ve prepped the skin it’s time to prime it, because there’s no use going in with a make-up trowel when your base is cracking.

    The art of applying make-up is all about the layers, and your foundation will glide on much smoother if you choose something like Illamasqua’s Hydra Veil Primer. Part primer, part hydrator, this futuristic gel-like formula keeps your skin’s hydration levels topped up, and your make-up flawless.

    You can prime other areas of the face too, such as the eyelids. If you’re going heavy on the eyes, consider bareMinerals’ Prime Time Eyelid Primer to keep your smoky eyes looking sultry.

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  3. Seal it in
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    Seal it in

    Once applied, stabilize your make-up with a setting powder.

    A translucent, ultra-fine powder will prevent cracks and creases forming, giving your make-up a beautiful, doll-like finish. Try Dermablend’s Loose Setting Powder, a bonafide cosmetic that ensures your make-up won’t move until or unless you tell it to.

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  4. Lock it down
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    Lock it down

    If you’re seeking a matte finish, reach for a setting powder. For a dewy look, turn to a finishing spray.

    Keep pigment and sparkle in tact with Skindinavia’s Makeup Finishing Spray, the only make-up setting product in the world that has been clinically tested to perform a 16 hour hold on make-up – that’s some serious staying power!

    Skindinavia’s sprays are infused with a clever control temperature technology that allows for time-released cooling to occur when the skin needs it most. In the way that refrigeration extends the shelf-life of your food, this spray will do the same for your make-up.

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  5. Check in regularly
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    Check in regularly

    No doubt your make-up will require at least some touch up throughout the day, an extra coat of lipstick maybe or a swipe of concealer perhaps. Pack essentials in your handbag so that you’re armed and ready whether you’re at brunch, a PTA meeting or in the back of a cab.

    The BeautyBlender Blotterazzi™ Pro Blotting cushions are make-up bag must-haves. These sponges expertly absorb excess oil from the skin whilst helping to re-texturize makeup with their open cell structure. Flexible and easy to use, the blotting cushions are designed to hug every contour of your face.

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