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Backstage Beauty, the NYFW Roundup

Backstage Beauty, the NYFW Roundup
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New York Fashion Week is arguably one of the most important events in our society. Even though it only happens twice a year, it impacts each of us every single day in ways we don’t even realize.

If you’re into fashion, if you’re into beauty, or even if you’re not into either, listen up, because what we’ve seen in the shows this past week will have some kind of impact on every single person reading this. Even you, dad.

Fashion week is important because it impacts the world around us. Our media, our technology, our businesses, our culture, and our future are all influenced by what is sent down the runway each season. If you’re not going to wear it, you should at least know about it.

Trends come and go, but at fashion week, we get a peek into the future of what is to come. It’s like a time machine. If you’re like us, you’ve been watching fiercely, and you might have even taken notes.

If not, we’ve taken them for you. Here’s what to watch for in beauty, and how to incorporate the recurring looks into your routine.

What are the next beauty trends?

The Tom Ford Smokey Eye

The decade of fishnets and colored eyeshadow is back, and we saw it everywhere from the Row’s sleeked hairstyles to Anna Sui’s mixed floral prints. The good news is, there’s something in it for everyone, and if you’re more Miranda Hobbes than Carrie Bradshaw, you can still incorporate this into your routine without feeling like Malibu Barbie. This look can be easily tamed down or amped up depending on your desk job. For an easy approach, simply swap out your ultra-thin liquid liner for a smudge stick. For a more dramatized effect, try a pallet with deep shading potential.

Bold Bottega

We can’t ignore Bottega Veneta’s maroon lips. It might be warm-toned, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until fall to try it. After all, the groundhog ruled 6 more weeks of winter. May we suggest a color with a bit of shine to be in unison with Oscar De La Renta’s gloss.

The Red Variation

Brandon Maxwell just revolutionized the red lip. With a touch of shimmery gold peering through and contrasting the matte crimson, his shows signature lip was very much an accessory to his beautiful collection. To get this look, start by lining the lips with something gold. If you don’t have gold lip liner, an eyeliner or wet eyeshadow will do the trick. Then, use a matte shade of red to fill in the rest, dotting the middle with gold again to make it appear as though it's seeping through.

Let us know how you decide to incorporate these products into your routine by tagging @skinstoreoffical on Instagram!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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