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The Best Full Coverage Foundation With Dermablend

The Best Full Coverage Foundation With Dermablend
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Full coverage foundations really can be life savers. A lot of us feel self-conscious about our skin and various concerns - whether that be acne, blemishes, rosacea, or even permanent pigmentation. More obvious cases can include harsh sun damage, port wine stains and birthmarks, which sometimes just can't be concealed with lighter coverage products.



Whether you woke up to a family of spots on your chin (thanks mother nature), suffer from skin pigmentation, or you just prefer the extra coverage for confidence, they are a makeup bag staple. One of our all time favorites here at SkinStore is Dermablend, the number 1 dermatologist recommended camouflage brand. I honestly feel that no brand does coverage better - plus it's allergy tested, sensitive skin tested,  non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and fragrance free. Phew!

60% of the US population are potential Dermablend users



I myself have worn Dermablend before, and have found it to be my number one for full, flawless coverage, hands down. But the selling point for me is how non-cakey it is, how smooth it applies, and how I don't look like I'm wearing a heavy mask. Myself and the beauty team are actually doing a little Dermablend product trial with some of the best selling concealers, foundations and powders, so we'll be putting a feature together on our thoughts with some real-life images (coming soon - keep an eye out!).

But for now, lets take a look at how this blend-able, exceptional coverage brand works. Here's some fascinating 'Before and After' shots taken from real case studies with Dermablend.


Why So Popular?

  • Formula's that go beyond coverage: Dermablend products contain camo-pigments - a unique high level of pigments in easy-to-blend formulas for natural yet flawless coverage
  • One swipe of Dermablend Cover Creme is equivalent to 2-3 swipes of a competitor foundation brand
  • Less product usage, yet more coverage!
  • The shades come in a range of warm, cool or neutral undertones, so it's super easy to find your exact shade

Who Can Wear Dermablend?

The answer here is simple: anyone can wear it. It doesn't have to be a thick, camouflage coverage if you don't want it to be. The tiniest bit of product can blend in, and you deicde how much coverage you want. According to Dermablend, 60% of the US population are potential Dermablend users, as the product range benefits people with all the below body and face concerns:

  • Tattoos
  • Veins
  • Birthmarks
  • Vitiligo
  • Acne
  • Cancer Scars
  • Acne Scars
  • Age Spots
  • Melasma
  • Rosacea
  • Port Wine
  • Pigmentation

Coverage Levels

The products deliver medium coverage through to full. Starting with the Smooth Liquid Camo foundation teamed up with the matching Smooth Camo Concealer, you can create a flawless, flexible camouflage look. This takes you right through to the Cover Creme and Quick Fix Concealer, which deliver an ultimate intense finish (yet with a velvety smooth finish).

Dermablend Coverage

The Cover Ups

Depending on what type of finish and texture you prefer, the Dermablend range offers liquids, powders and balms which create a range of different coverage types.

The Touch Ups

Dermablend products ensure long wearability and smudge resistance for all day wear, and this can be assured when the foundations are teamed with the Dermablend Setting Powder. This feather light powder is what gives all Dermablend corrective cosmetics, especially Cover Creme, Leg and Body Cover and Quick Fix, their super long lasting coverage. It's a fine, fragrance free texture which can be swept onto the finished face and brushed off, giving make-up it's 'sealing power'. Plus, it comes in 3 shades.

SkinStores resident Pharmacist, Hira Malik, took to using a range of Dermablend products to quickly test here at SkinStore the effectiveness. Using a combination of Leg and Body Cover, along with the Cover Creme, setting it in place with the Setting Powder, here are a couple of the results:

skinstore 2

The above shows how effective Dermablend covers even the most prominent of tattoos. Below is a snapshot of the effectiveness covering minor skin blemishes:



Next week, we’ll be sharing with you a personal Q& A with Dermablend’s very own Director of Training, Rachel Short. Her product knowledge, tips and advice surrounding Dermablend is fascinating, so keep an eye out next week for this expert interview.

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