What’s New in Hair Care: Sebastian

Learn about one of the newest hair care lines available at SkinStore, Sebastian! 

About Sebastian

Since the beginning, Sebastian has enabled both stylists and the stylish with new products, tools, and techniques. 

Sebastian also does hair, business, and learning differently, constantly surprising and making unexpected connections to create something new in their product lines.

Decades of innovation, 40 years and counting, were focused on the stylist to push the ordinary to extraordinary, from the first education film to the first online learning, and today’s online tools designed to help you and your stylists thrive.

Sebastian’s Best-Selling Hait Products To Try 



This shampoo for dry hair hydrates with an intense, nourishing formula for dry, frizzy, and chemically treated hair. The result? Silky body and shine. Color-safe.


Easily style and restore hair with Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Lite. This wearable styling treatment was designed for lightweight conditioning and styling, especially for medium to fine hair. Potion 9 Lite spray restores undernourished hair, enhancing manageability. Sebastian styling conditioner helps hair regain flexibility and radiant shine.


Perfect … Hold that look! This hairspray with extra muscle keeps your hair where you want it. Whether you’re in the city or on the run way, hold that volume, texture or pinned-up style in place, and radiant against the odds.


Protect stressed, vulnerable hair against damage with Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Conditioner. With an active rescue system - to penetrate hair and guard against stress caused by chemicals and heat damage. For super strong, silky-soft style. This system provides effortless detangling and deep conditioning, transforming hair from dry and dull to soft and shiny.


Provide deep nourishment to locks with the Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Mask; a lightweight yet powerful hair masque infused with a special blend of oils including Argan and Jojoba, to restore smoothness without sacrificing hair’s natural volume or body. Ideal for all hair types, the salon-grade, rinse-out mask helps to reignite lost radiance and maximize the silkiness of your tresses.

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