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Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas 2017

Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas 2017
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With Halloween creeping up on us slowly but surely, it's about time to start searching for some Halloween makeup ideas that you can copy with ease. I've put together a tutorial that's so simple but super effective and perfect if you want to get dressed up but you still want to look cute and glam too.

Basic Halloween Makeup

Today, I will talk you through a super-simple Halloween makeup look that just involves dark eye makeup and dark lips, to allow you to add any extras to create your desired spooky Halloween look.

To start, apply the Paula's Choice Resist Smoothing Primer Serum. This primer is great for when your skin is feeling a little tight and dry. It acts a serum a primer and it protects from pollutants with added SPF30. It really helps to prepare the skin for makeup application and the serum continues to boost hydration so you’re skin and makeup looks fresh all day and night.

Next, move onto your base, applying it as you usually would. If you'd like a more full coverage, buildable foundation then try the High Definition Fluid Foundation. Since we're working on Halloween makeup ideas, I think a full coverage look works best.

Buff the foundation into your skin and use your concealer to add some highlight under and around the eyes, a little down the bridge of your nose and some on the center of you’re forehead. My personal favorite concealer is RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up Concealer. Simply use a Beautyblender to work this into the skin to achieve a flawless canvas.

Then follow up with the RMS Beauty Signature Set Luminizer for an unparalleled glow.

To add some definition to the face, I'd always choose my trusty Lord and Berry Contour Palette. It has everything you need to get those Angelina Jolie cheekbones in one handy compact palette.

Since it's Halloween, you can go all out with some dramatic makeup. Usually I would say if you’re going heavy on your eyes, opt for a nude lip, however, anything goes when it's Halloween! You can have black eyes and black lips and no one will bat an eyelid.

So, it's time to get creative with your eye makeup using the Stila Cheek And Eye Palette in Tan/Deep. The selection of blushers and eyeshadows are all multipurpose, meaning that you can use each shade however you like. I'd recommend using the peachy colored eye shadow in your eye socket and blend this out with a fluffy blending brush.

Next, take the matte dark brown eyeshadow- concentrate this color on the outer corners of the eye. The star of this Halloween makeup is the matte black eye shadow. You really want to pack this on the eye with a flat eye brush like the Sigma E57. Be generous but precise, you don’t want to go above your peachy eye socket- use that as your guideline. And for the underneath, mirror what you did on the top lid below the lash line, taking it as far down as you'd like.

To finish the eyes, take Colorscience Gel Eyeliner in black and the Sigma E75 Angled Brush to create a nice sharp wing on the top of the eye and, for ultimate drama, use the same gel eyeliner to line your waterline.

These two products are key with any Halloween makeup as they are so versatile and can be used to add extra spooky touches to your makeup.   Remember to add some mascara to the top and bottom lashes and, if you want more va-va-voom, you can always add some strip eyelashes.

Moving onto the lips, apply the Illamasqua Slick Stick Lip Liner in the shade 'Amaze'. It’s a gorgeous dark berry color and glides over the lips effortlessly. Use this to line and fill in your lips. This will help with layering your lipstick and ensure your lipstick stays in place all evening.

Taking another Illamasqua must-have, the Vampette Galmore Lipstick. Even the name of this shade is perfect for Halloween makeup.  Apply one layer and blot with a tissue before adding a second layer to ensure it lasts.

So I hope that mini makeup tutorial helps if you were stuck thinking of Halloween makeup ideas. And if you want to add some simple spooky extras, imply follow the steps below.

The Spiderweb

Take your Colorscience Gel Eyeliner and Sigma E75 Angled Brush and start by drawing a line from the top center of your eyebrow straight up towards your hairline. Do the same again but this time the line should start below your lower lash line down towards your cheek, adjusting the length of the lines according to how big you would like your spiderweb.

Continue to add black lines with equal spacing until the gab between the two original lines is filled in.  Then start at the base of the eye and add some little curved lines to join the lines together. Continue to do this until all of the lines are joined together and you'll really see your spiderweb come together.

This makeup is so simple but so effective, but a steady hand certainly helps!

The Cat

If you fancy channelling your inner feline, then this is the makeup look for you.  Taking your Colorscience Gel Eyeliner and Sigma E75 Angled Brush, outline the tip of your nose Fill in the outline of your nose and nostrils before filling it in with your black eyeliner. Take your time so that you can be neat and precise.

Next, trace a thin line down from the center of the nose to the top lip line, in between your cupid's bow. This look looks great with your top lip filled in with black eyeliner, so feel free to fill in your top lip using your gel eyeliner.

Next, add some small black dots above the lip - four or five on each side of the line should be more than enough. Then add three short black lines in line with these dots to act as whiskers. If you want to make your eyes look even more cat-like, add some of the gel eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye.

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