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How Your Beauty Routine is Impacting Your Confidence

How Your Beauty Routine is Impacting Your Confidence
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Confidence is a heavy weighted concept. It’s something we all aspire to have, but what does it really mean? In today’s world and culture, it’s important to take a step back and look hard at the things that are really impacting our self-worth. Natural processes in way of life, relationships, food, and even beauty routines are becoming few and far between.

Here at Skinstore, we recognize that products don’t solve these problems. However, we do believe that the reason we do what we do is to help women feel comfortable in their own skin.

In order to understand why we’re in this business, we did some research on what makes women feel confident and how that correlates directly with their beauty routines. Here’s a look at 6 confidence boosting tips that are scientifically proven to help you get in touch with yourself, and therefore, more confident in who you are.

6 Ways To Improve Confidence:


This might sound too easy to be true, but there is a lot of research that suggests smiling improves your mood and decreases stress. Even forcing a smile can set off similar reactions in your brain to genuine happiness. Try holding a pencil or a chopstick between your lips and see how your mood changes.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

There’s a reason snoozing is often referred to as “beauty sleep”. Getting enough sleep is crucial to reducing stress, processing the day before, and balancing hormones correctly in your body. Going to sleep before midnight and getting close to 8 hours every night will also prevent wrinkles, breakouts and tone your complexion. Sleeping reduces inflammation, which is beneficial for not only your skin, but for weight control, sickness and pain. Basically, the more you fine tune your sleep schedule, the more confident you will look and feel.

Take Your Vitamins

It should be common knowledge that vitamins are crucial to boosting health and therefore, confidence. However, if you’re a stranger to taking a daily multivitamin or blending them up in your smoothies, let us introduce you to a way to put your vitamins on your face.

It is definitely not the same as taking them orally but is a good way to infuse your skin with the good stuff and reap the benefits topically. This cleanser has won us over because of its impressive ingredient list, including essential vitamins such as Biotin and Niacinamide, as well as green tea, aloe and peppermint. It glides on smooth and doesn’t irritate skin, so it’s a great cream cleanser for any routine.

Get Your Glow On

Studies show that most people feel healthier and more confident when they are tan, which is ironic because being tan is actually very unhealthy (you know how we feel about sunscreen). However, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a tanned look if it improves how you feel about your appearance and how you feel internally.

Lately, we’ve been loving this natural looking self-tanner that works to minimize blemishes and smooth skin appearance while reflecting light for a glowy finish. If you’re looking for something for your face, try this instant skin finisher, also from Vita Liberata. We love using this as a light base or mixed in with moisturizer because it is formulated to enhance skin rather than mask it.


We cannot express how important it is to drink enough water! Not only is water a necessary substance for human beings to survive in this world, but it is also what gives us energy, longevity, and brighter, awakened skin. Think of your body as a plant—the more you water it correctly, the more beautiful and vibrant its leaves will become.

This is similar to your body's relationship to your skin. Eating healthy is important in order to feel and look your best, but even on days when you eat lots of sugar, water can help clear out your system and clear up your complexion. Drinking more water will increase your confidence because it will give you the tools you need to hold your head high and keep going.

Since sleeping dehydrates the body, we recommend drinking water first thing in the morning. If you do this for a few weeks you will start to notice the difference in your skin, your beauty routine and your confidence levels.


Take Time for Yourself

This confidence boosting tip is a given. However, studies show that as women get older, they take less and less time for themselves. One of the reasons we believe so much in caring for your skin is the very fact that having a healthy beauty routine allows women to take time out of their day, even if just for a few minutes, to do something for them.

In today’s culture of business and running out the door, it’s more important than ever to take time to care for yourself and do something that makes you feel good. Whether that’s deep breathing, reading a book, or slathering serums and creams on your skin every morning, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that you are working to build your confidence by letting yourself know that you matter.

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