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Which Eyeshadow Color is Right for you?

Which Eyeshadow Color is Right for you?
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The modern make-up artist's tricks involve sandwiching blusher, contouring lips, re-shaping eyebrows and now they can even slim your nose. That said, there's no make-up product quite as metamorphic as eyeshadow. But which eyeshadow color will enhance your blue eyes? Make your green eyes greener? Your brown eyes sparkle? We've made it easy for you with a guide to the eyeshadow color best suited to your eyes.

Blue Eyes

Opposites attract. By pairing shades opposite each other on the color wheel, you'll make your eye color stand out. For blue eyes, that color is orange so go for eyeshadows with orange or peach undertones, like teracotta, bronze and soft tonal shades such as coral and champagne. Neutral hues complement cool blue eyes and will catch the glint in the iris without distracting from the main event.

Avoid overly dark, smokey colors.

Grey Eyes

Grey ares are rare. Play them up with a similar, steely hue. There's something majestic about a sooty, smoky shades and grey eyes. Alternatively, make them pop with a touch of pink, wine, plum or purple, these shades will contrast the green and yellow in the iris.

Green Eyes

Purple eyeshadow flatters pretty much every eye color, and green eyes look especially bewitching with it. It's color theory. Green's complementary color is red, so a shade with red undertones, such as purple, wine or cranberry, will make green eyes soarkle. Because green eyes are naturally bright, vivid shadow colors aren't needed. To intensify green eyes, apply green eyeshadow.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are nice and adaptable, beautified by eyeshadow colors in the cranberry color family and also complemented by fall hues such as browns, golds and greens. Choose an eyeshadow color depending on the hue you want to highlight.

A shimmery shadow will make hazel eyes stand out.

Brown Eyes

Since brown is considered a neutral color, brown-eyed beauties can legitimately pull off most shades. To focus on the clarity of brown eyes, choose brown, gold, or purple tones. To make brown eyes lighter, apply mossy green tones. Meanwhile, warm brown eyes really pop with cool shades, such as charcoal and silver which bring out that je ne sais quois in the iris.

To add depth, sweep warm shadow colors, such as terracotta, onto your eyelids.

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Enhance your eyes and browse more eyeshadows now.

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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