Meet Dr Macrene of 37 Actives

When it comes to skincare, there is nothing more inspiring and educating than hearing what the founder behind the brand has to say – especially when they are a top dermatologist.

Today’s blog post welcomes Dr Alexiades of 37 Actives, here to talk to us about her brand and healthy skin in general. As a leader in the world of clinical dermatology, Dr. Alexiades has expertise in molecular science, clinical practice and product development.

With her scientific expertise and research, Dr. Alexiades was able to successfully create 37 Actives, an enhanced, high performance line of anti-aging treatment creams that deliver targeted ingredients directly into the skin to reverse the signs of aging.

What we love here at SkinStore is that as well as retailing rich anti-aging creams and cleansers, the brand also have a fantastic range of anti-aging foundations, providing over 30 anti-aging actives to treat the skin. Flawless coverage and aging treatments all in one foundation application… yes please!

To learn more about this cult brand, designed using the world’s 50 best anti-aging active ingredients, we talk directly to Dr Alexiades herself to get a more deeper insight…

Question: How did you become such a specialist in skincare?

After many years of studying for my undergraduate, medical and graduate degrees at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School, I decided to enter into the field of dermatology. This was for my Clinical Medicine training with a commitment to combining Dermatology clinical practice with research on skincare science.  A Harvard MD PhD in Dermatology and skin science is rare, and soon after starting practice, I was hired by L’Oreal to help with their formulation and launching of skincare lines.

This was followed by myself being named the skin care expert for Lancome, conducting research for the company.  For the past decade, I have been working on combining all the greatest skin care ingredients- active and stable- in single formulations to maximize clinical results on the skin.

Question: What separates your products from other brands?

I truly believe my products are in a class by themselves. These products are at the top of the heap in the sheer number, quality, delivery, and sustained potency of the ingredients combined in each formula. The greater the ingredients translates into greater results on the skin! Another key differentiating point is that I went to great lengths to avoid toxic ingredients and unhealthy packaging in my brand. All the products are paraben-free, fragrance-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, propylene glycol-free, animal-free, and plastic-free, while maximizing the use of USDA-certified organic and plant-derived ingredients packaged in recyclable glass and paperboard carton. Plus it is all made in the USA.

Question: What key learnings from skincare have you brought into the product range?

Most importantly, the fact that I am a practicing Park Avenue Dermatologist to 6,000 patients means that you can be assured that the ingredients and formulas in each product have been tested and are successful on real people. My 20 year history of taking care of the skin of my patients, in addition to being a derm-scientist (R) in the lab, means I know what irritates the skin. It’s also reassuring that I understand what is safe for the skin, and what works best on the skin to cover all patient skincare concerns.

Question: What are the secrets behind the anti-ageing foundations?

My secrets -or as I call them, my bag of tricks- include know-how regarding how to select and combine anti-wrinkle, anti-pollution, anti-sun damage, anti-redness, and anti-brown spot ingredients. This is so that my customers get results no matter what their anti-aging concern may be.

Question: What are your top tips for healthy skin?

First, do no harm! Then, feed the skin what it needs to do it’s job and rejuvenate!  In the first case, avoid toxins, irritants or potentially harmful ingredients that may be a “quick fix” that gets a lot of customers to buy into other products at the expense of their long-term skin health.  I refuse to play that game. My customers trust my expertise.

I only put ingredients in that will give you a healthy “long-term fix” so that while it takes time, the skin ages in reverse, looking better and healthier and younger over the course of weeks and months of regular use. It is like feeding the skin the nutrients, skin boosters, vitamins and minerals it needs to rejuvenate, repair and rebuild itself. Science works but you must trust and stay committed to it to get long term results. Everyone understands that you have to take a multivitamin to keep your inside body going strong; my products are like “the multivitamin of the skin!”

Question: Explain to us your process of creating a new product from an idea...

My products come to me; I do not go to them. What I mean by that is: all my products are very obvious that they must be made. Take for example, the Treatment Foundation. It was startlingly clear to me that the foundations out there were unhealthy, plugging the skin, causing acne, and full of parabens, talc and mica, lacking healthful ingredients in the vast majority of cases. Therefore, I created a full-on luxury foundation with the world’s most expensive pigments, and free of unhealthy or acne-causing ingredients, while breaking ground by incorporating over 20 healthy anti-aging ingredients. The result: fake it as you make it!

Studies proved that my Treatment Foundation corrects as it covers, so that your brown spots and wrinkles slowly disappear while you wear it so that one day you will no longer need makeup!


Question: How did you get started with making these products?

It all started with my patients and the beauty editors literally begging me, “I am tired of layering on products to get all the best stuff on my skin. Can’t you get all these ingredients in one pot?”. So, 37 Actives was born; originally 37 anti-aging ingredients, however the original formula now contains 50 of the most proven and potent anti-aging ingredients active and stable together.

I am a problem solver who likes to make the world better starting with the skin! The One Step Skincare Solution has solved the bank-breaking layering conundrum so that you can get all your favorite actives on your skin in one step no matter where you are – that is not only convenient, it is a great value and more effective with minimum toxicity. Layering on products means you are layering on preservatives and exceeding the maximum allowable parabens and other toxins on your skin. 37 Actives prevents this harm to your skin, while maximizing success.

Question: What motivated you to continue building your skincare line?

Each product needed to be made because it solves a problem in the skincare industry. For example, the Cleansing Treatment is an almost entirely organic and plant-derived creamy cleanser that foams in texture, and is great for everything from taking off makeup to deeply cleansing. It also delivers over a dozen anti-oxidants, Vitamin B and soothing plant polyphenols  which fight acne and rosacea. It is the most elegant and healthy cleanser on the market.

Question: Tell us your personal favorite beauty tip you have picked up along the way?

My favorite tip is that you should wash with lukewarm water- never hot- pat dry and while the skin is still damp, apply your 37 Actives all over face and the Neck and Décolletage on neck and chest (and hands) immediately. This allows for rapid absorption and a sealing in of the skin’s hydration. Your skin will thank you for this tip!

Question: What’s next for 37 Actives?

Obviously, what is the most difficult part of the face to treat? The LIP! As a laser specialist (did I mention that?) with over 40 devices in my offices, I have been most impressed at how resistant the upper lip is to all kinds of treatments, including lasers, botulinum toxin and fillers. Therefore, we need a better solution. To the rescue: Dr Macrene Anti-Aging and Filler Lip Treatment. I included over 25 anti-aging and filling lip treatment ingredients including peptides, ceramides, organic coconut oil, shea, squalane, and hyaluronic acid in liposomal microspheres so that it gets into and plumps the lip!

And on that note – watch this space for some exciting launches! But in the meantime, you can view the entire 37 Actives range over at SkinStore here. 



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