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How to Apply Cream Blush: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Apply Cream Blush: A Step-By-Step Guide
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6 months ago
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Of all the different ways to bring life to the face and add brightness to the skin, blush is the easiest and probably best way to do it. If viral trends have anything to do with your makeup choices, chances are, cream blush is on your radar, or it may already be a staple makeup product. Cream blushes are entirely different from traditional powders in every sense of the word—their application, finish, and overall look aren't apples-to-apples compared to powder blush. Still, they give a look unlike other types of makeup for a bit more of a healthy glow and a heck of a lot more color deposited into the cheeks.

Even though it may be a little intimidating and even tricky when experimenting with cream blush, they're virtually compatible with every skin type and tone. And the best part about cream blushes is that you don't have to layer on a face full of makeup to pull them off.

What is Cream Blush?

Cream blush is exactly what it sounds like—blush in a cream formulation. Most types of cream blush are far more pigmented than powders, making them a good option for skin that needs more color to brighten it up. The biggest difference between cream and powder blushes is that powders are more transparent and have more staying power. Plus, because cream blushes have a creamy consistency, they tend to be more sheer on the skin for a flushed effect and even lend a hydrating effect to drier and more mature skin types—and some even contain antioxidants in them, too. But that doesn’t mean other skin types, including oily skin, are off limits from using cream blush because they’re not.

When And Why Should I Use Cream Blush?

There's no right or wrong time of the day or year to wear cream blush over other types of blush—it all comes down to personal preference. However, you may want to consider your environment and how your skin reacts to it to determine if cream blush is the way to go.

If your skin is having an oily spell, adding cream blush to your makeup routine may cause the blush not to adhere to the skin all that well, especially if the skin isn't prepped and primed. On the other hand, if your skin is dry or you live in a drier climate, the added benefit of using cream makeup can help hydrate the skin.

In addition to your skin type, your overall makeup look largely plays into whether you'll want to use a cream or powder blush. For example, cream blush is the way to go for more of a soft, dewy finish, whereas powder blush gives a matte effect on the skin. Ans some people choose to use a mixture of both depending on what look they are trying to achieve.

Typically, cream blush can be applied over foundation and bronzer or to bare skin, depending on how much you want the skin's natural texture to show. It should always be used before any powder products.

How do I apply cream blush?

Mastering the art of applying cream blush is relatively simple as long as you follow these application tips:

  1. Prep the skin well with moisturizer or makeup primer before applying any makeup. Well-hydrated skin will always make your makeup go on more smoothly and look better.
  2. Using your cream blush, apply it straight out of the tube or your fingers to the apples of the cheeks. To find your apples, smile! Then, generously dot the blush from the apples back towards your hairline.
  3. With a damp makeup sponge or a blending brush, gently stipple the product into your cheeks. The key is ensuring the color fully blends into the cheeks without any streaking.
  4. Set the blush with translucent powder if your skin is oilier; if not, skip this step. Then, finish up the rest of your makeup.

All skin types can use cream blush. The key is finding a formulation compatible with your skin type and using additional makeup products as needed to get the best results. For example, oily skin types usually benefit from adding powder into the mix, which will help set the cream makeup. On the other hand, drier and more mature skin may need a little more moisturizer so that the cream blush blends out appropriately.

Why should I choose a cream blush over a powder?

The two main types of blush are powder and cream, and the decision to use one over the other is a personal preference. You may want to choose cream blush over powder if you don't like to wear a lot of face makeup. With cream blush, a little goes a long way, and even wearing it alone can be, for some people, enough color. Since cream blush is easier to blend, if you can't find a shade that suits your skin tone, you can mix a few shades to create a skin tone-flattering shade, which isn't the case with powders.

Most blush powders are matte, so they can leave the skin looking flat. Cream blushes typically have a dewy or illuminating finish for more of a lit-from-within-glow. You can swipe a light layer of the cream blush on your lips and eyes to tie the entire makeup look together.

Dry skin types tend to appreciate the hydrating powder of cream blushes over powders. Since many creams are formulated with moisturizing ingredients, they tend to feel good and comforting on dry skin.

Which is the best cream blush for me?

To find the best cream blush for your skin, you’ll want to consider your skin type. Oily skin will likely gravitate more toward non-comedogenic formulas more liquidy blushes which are lightweight and non-drying. Sensitive skin types can typically wear any cream blush format as long as it’s a cleaner formulation without too many additives or artificial ingredients, like fragrance. And dry and mature skin is often compatible with all types of cream blushes, especially ones that contain moisturizing ingredients and lend a dose of hydration to the skin.

Cream blushes work for both day and night, but if you're active or sweat a lot, you may want to avoid wearing them to work out or for a day at the beach. To give your cream blush more staying power, whether day or night, lock it in place with a quick spritz of a setting spray, and you'll be good to go!

Wander Beauty On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator 

A multitasking cream blush on one end and an illuminator on the other leaves the cheeks awash in beautiful, natural color and a dewy glow. The cream-to-powder formulas blend easily with either your fingertips or a brush. Dab it onto the cheeks and beyond for a natural flush.

Illamasqua Color Veil 

Add a pop of color to the cheeks with this hybrid cream blush. It gives long-wear power with the intense pigment of a powder, all while hydrating the skin. Build up the color to the desired intenseness, which will never cake or look streaky.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

This mineral lip and cheek cream stain provides a natural-looking color that’s buildable. The formula, which contains a blend of nourishing, organic ingredients, hydrates and protects for a sheer, healthy look.

Rodial Frosted Pink Liquid Blush

For more of a bright, bold look, consider this lightweight liquid blush. The concentrated formula illuminates the skin with even coverage and a pearlized effect for a healthy radiance

GRANDE Cosmetics GrandePOP Plumping Liquid Blush 

A unique take on cream blush, this advanced formula features plumping properties to support skin firmness and define the cheeks. Just swipe the buildable blush onto the skin and blend it in to even the skin’s surface and give the perfect amount of color.

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