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Beauty Editors Self-Confidence Boosting Products

Beauty Editors Self-Confidence Boosting Products
SkinStore Editors
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So only 2% of women say they feel 'gorgeous' when assessing their natural beauty. I don't know about you, but for me, I felt rather shocked when I heard this new statistic. I for one thought that a lot more women out there felt more confident about their appearances, and that body confidence and self-esteem was on the rise.

But with 60% of American women saying they would describe themselves as 'fairly average and nothing special' without make-up, then I guess the results say something completely different...


These statistics came from a recent survey that carried out, set out to unveil women's thoughts about their natural beauty. We wanted to see how women felt about wearing make-up as a confidence booster, and when challenged, which one make-up item is their number one holy grail for making them feeling better about themselves.

My first thought here was 'oh, of course it will be the iconic bright red lipstick'. But the results were very different. Here's what we discovered...

  • 50% claim they wouldn’t even go to work if it meant they couldn’t wear a full face of make-up
  • A shocking 1 in 3 reveal they would never leave the house without make-up
  • When it comes to choosing just one product for self-confidence, over half choose Foundation to ‘cover up’.
  • Over 75% say their nose is their most detested body feature
  • But it's not all doom and gloom - 70% of women love their eyes, although 50% won't give eye contact without full eye make-up on.
  • 3/4 women voted nude lipstick as the most confidence-boosting shade – with the iconic pillar box red not even making the top 5

These surprising results got us all thinking about one key questions ourselves:

What would we class as our confidence boosting beauty products?

Our Beauty Therapist, Natasha Swindell, who has extensive knowledge around body treatments, skincare ingredients and what you should/should not be putting into your body, shares her thoughts on confidence-boosting beauty:

"For me, when I give my body time to unwind and relax, I start to feel much more body-confident. When I have pampered my body and gave it the love and attention it needs, it kick-starts positive feelings about myself and my appearance. It's much more about mental attitude. For example, when I go to bed at night and give my skin a real efficent cleanse, I know I wake up with skin that is the healthiest and cleanest it can be.I am partial to a bit of covering up to give myself that 'beauty boost', but I'm not too heavy on it. I wouldn't chose foundation as my confidence booster, but one  product I can't live without is the Bare minerals Mineral Veil. It's great to use to set most foundations, or wear along to reduce shine and give a matte finish."

Do we agree with over 50% of the female nation by saying we feel more attractive when we slather our faces with concealing foundation?

Or does a pop of blusher provide all we need to lift our heads high and head out feeling 'pretty'?




Emma Campbell - Beauty Editor

Firstly, I'm afraid I fall into the foundation statistic. I can't leave the house without my Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation – just a small amount of this liquid foundation is enough to conceal all my blemishes and sun damage which is quite prominent on my face. Secondly, my Lilah B Bronzed Beauty Bronzer gives me so much confidenceI can’t leave the house without some form of contouring, just to make me feel like I have shaped and sculpted my face a little. A deep bronzer brushed onto the cheekbones really does shape me a slimmer face. As soon as I hit 30, I noticed my eyes started showing signs of aging - with fairly prominent lines. I feel better within myself when I know I use an anti-aging eye cream morning and night, such as my SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair. All about prevention! [product_display id="2"]  

Veebs Sabharwal - Beauty Specialist

When I first used Erno Laszlo’s Detoxifying Cleansing Set – it might have been my only real cleanse. For the first time since, well, ever, I now enjoy the process of taking my make-up off and I’m left with luminous skin that means I’m not so afraid to show my ‘no make-up’ face. Illamasqua’s Glamore Lipstick in Vampette is my essential for feeling more confident. A slick of this and a sleek, straight hairstyle leaves me ready to slay. It's what I'm wearing in this photo! I always keep SUNDÃRI’s Omega 3 & Mandarin Lip Treatment close by for instant nourishment. It’s so awful when the skin on your lips looks dry or chapped, but this treatment restores color and leaves them supple and soft with a subtle sheen. [product_display id="3"]

Anna Moore - Makeup Specialist

No matter how rushed my makeup is in the mornings, I can never leave the house without my essential Laura Geller Eye Calligraphy liquid eye-liner to help my eyes pop. If my eyes are made-up, I feel made-up. As long as I have the lovely scented Bare Minerals Gen Nude Buttercream lipgloss on my lips, I have enough confidence for the rest of the day as this prompts my natural pout. Regardless of the sun, I would never leave the house without a good moisturizer that contains SPF for my daily skin protection, and H20 Plus’ Oasis Daily Defense is my everyday choice. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day – it’s one of the only moisturizer’s that 'gets' my skin. [product_display id="4"]

To read the full statistics and thoughts from American women, when quizzed about their natural beauty, take a read here.

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