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All About Rodial

All About Rodial
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All About Rodial

First of all, Rodial is one of the leading international skincare and makeup beauty brands in the world. Launched by beauty entrepreneur Maria Hatzistefanis in 1999, the brand took the world by storm.

Today, Rodial has become a household name among celebrities and beauty mavericks in fashion, style, and of course, skincare. They now sell in over 35 countries due to their innovative approach to luxury with a focus on ingredients.

Powerful Ingredients, Powerful Results

Secondly, Rodial’s core mission is to pair world-class ingredients with ground-breaking innovation. This included assuring instant results upon use instead of long-term expectations. How was this achieved?

Utilizing unique ingredients like bee venom and dragon's blood (sourced from the Croton Lechleri tree) as product bases instead of more common ingredients.

And the result? All products are built with formulas to produce the best immediate results, with no compromise on the luxury experience.

Trendsetting: Maria’s Growing Empire

One of the few millennium founders that saw the potential in communicating with the consumer in the digital age via social media, Maria has launched her own Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube Channel with over 1 million followers alongside campaigns featuring famous faces, notably Angelina Jolie.

We share Maria’s mission of promising fantastic results, luxury skincare, and open communication with this brand launch. Please keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts, reviews, and recommendations on the latest Rodial products and skincare tips!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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