The Beauty Glossary: I is for Iron Oxides

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I-yon Ox-ides

Iron oxides are naturally occurring minerals known to be safe, gentle and non-toxic on the surface of the skin. One of the oldest tricks in the skincare book involves enhancing skin’s appearance with inorganic pigments, such as iron oxides, which typically come in shades of red, orange, brown and black. With the right proportion of titanium oxide (which is white) and a little alchemy, formulators can create products that cover imperfections and provide an even skin tone for all.

You’ll often hear about iron oxides in makeup, especially eye shadows, blushers, powders, lipstick and mineral makeup. Iron oxides are resistant to moisture, don’t easily bleed or smear and have “staying power” so only a little application is needed.

Iron oxides won’t irritate the skin and aren’t known to be allergenic, so sensitive skin types you can put your guard down.

Explore our favorite products containing iron oxides:

  1. Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask, $42.00
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    Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask, $42.00

    This mud mask is worthy of a queen. It features golden root, a potent herb that acts like an elexir of youth, and will keep skin young, smooth and beautiful. Golden root will counteract the oxidative causes of cell damage, jujube fruit extract offers anti-inflammatory properties and pure china clay absorbs toxins and removes dirt and dead skin cells.

    Every woman should use this mask at least once. Not only will it deeply cleanses the skin, any skin, but toxins and impurities are eliminated, the appearance of pores and blemishes are minimized. Expect nothing less than flawless.

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  2. Arcona Sunsations Mineral Makeup - Cream, $45.00
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    Arcona Sunsations Mineral Makeup - Cream, $45.00

    Color, cover and correct flaws with the light-diffusing effect of Arcona’s mineral pigments.

    Discover breathable foundation with added sun protection in a formula that brushes on easily but offers hardworking coverage. This formula is designed to protect your skin from sun damage and premature ageing with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide plus the antioxidant power of vitamins C and E.

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  3. Stila Stay All Day Lash Water Resistant Volumising Mascara
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    Stila Stay All Day Lash Water Resistant Volumising Mascara

    Stila’s Stay All Day Lash Mascara is one of those desert islands products. The long-wearing mascara is created with special polymer that gives it an incredibly high resistance to water, amping up the volume of your lashes with a buildable formula unlike any other. Discover soft, shiny lashes that won’t clump, flake or smudge thanks to a protective, conditioning agent, coconut oil and anti-oxidant-rich mango butter.

    The unbeatable mascara comes with an extraordinarily shaped 3D triangular wand that applies just the right amount of mascara for extreme volume and flirtatiously lashes.

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  4. Perricone MD No Lipgloss Lipgloss, $30.00
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    Perricone MD No Lipgloss Lipgloss, $30.00

    This is one revolutionary “lipgloss”. The anti-ageing formula works like a serum, and is designed to mimic the natural shine and color of the area inside your lips. The non-tacky texture gives you something to smile about, as it restores lip color and luster while providing instant nourishment and conditioning features. The tint is sheer and buildable, resulting in a universally flattering rosy hue that adapts to individual skin chemistry for, quite literally, the perfect finish.

    In addition, this “lipgloss” features a non-chemical mineral-based SPF 15 with zinc oxide help protect lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays.


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  5. Eve Lom Radiance Lift Cream, $95.00
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    Eve Lom Radiance Lift Cream, $95.00

    Nothing says hydration like Eve Lom’s Radiance Lift Cream, with a texture so rich and ingredients so indulgent, your skin will feel like it’s taken a trip to the spa.

    This beautiful formula offers firming action like nothing else, using oat kernel to dramatically improve skin’s elasticity and tone, essential fatty and amino acids to nourish and plump skin, and vitamin C to increases cell turnover. The end result is a refined texture, a smooth, supple finish and a lingering scent of luxurious rose otto oil from Bulgaria.

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