Some Of Our Staff Favorites – Why We Love Them!

Here at SkinStore we all have our favorites. With so many products to choose from we do seem to be a bit passionate about our newest fave of the moment. Maybe there was a great serum or mask that made our skin glow, or an acne treatment that seemed to clear up that irritating red disaster that was on our face only the day before.  We may just like the smell of a product, or how it makes us feel when we put it on. No matter the reasons why we love these products, we would like the share them with you!
As skin care junkies we are also researchers, writers, make-up artists, and Estheticians here at SkinStore. We have a love for wonderful products to maintain our gorgeous complexions. With so many products to choose from, our devotion is endless!
A popular favorite here is SkinCeuticals. They are a cosmeceutical-based brand with so much to offer. As a company they believe to have an effective skin care regimen there must be three elements involved: prevention, protection and correction. Aside from being a brand favorite, it has also won a variety of awards and has had an abundance of press in various magazines. Two of Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty winners were the CE Ferulic and the Phloretin CF. This is a very highly developed and advanced line in the skin care world. From antioxidants and glowing skin, to the treatment of sun spots our devotees (and customers) believe it really lives up to its claims to fame. It is no wonder these are two of our best liked products as well! They are great sources of vitamins and sun protection that any skin type can benefit from. Speaking of sun protection you can layer it up with Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense SPF 50. This is a broad-spectrum sun block that is sweat and water resistant, whether you are working out side or just relaxing by the pool. It is also oil-free so even those with oily skin types can use this one. This is definitely one of our top rated choices for excellent UV protection.
Another great cosmeceutical line is Osmotics. They work with university medical centers and renowned scientists around the world to develop their line of truly effective products. They also believe that what is left out of the products is just as important as what goes into their products. That is why they refuse to use any artificial coloring or fragrances in their products. They have taken the less is more approach to skin care. As a smaller skin care line, they focus on offering fewer products that are highly effective. Simply put, they offer large results ( Allure likes this line too, especially the Blue Copper 5 products). The Blue Copper offers healing and anti-aging benefits that you do not want to miss out on. Osmotics was the first company to introduce a double-chain copper peptide molecule. What this means for us consumers is a highly advanced line with spectacular results. A personal favorite is the Blue Copper 5 Firming Eye Repair. This has a wonderful creamy gel like consistency that soaks right in, and is non-irritating to use for my delicate eye area. Love it! For an all over firming body treatment, try the Blue Copper 5 Age Repair Body Lift. You can apply this anywhere that you need a little lift and tightening. It also contains the wonderful healing and nourishing Blue Copper.
If you are looking for a doctor created and endorsed line you’ll want to check out the Perricone MD products. From neutriceutical vitamins to targeted results, he really is a visionary. We are proud to offer his highly credited range of beneficial skin care necessities. The newest addition to his line is the Cold Plasma anti-aging treatment. This has been in the making for 5 years and the results show! This product addresses 10 visible signs of aging in only one treatment. Talk about multi-tasking! Anyone who wants additional hydration, skin repair, smoothness or increased elasticity should really consider Perricone’s Cold Plasma. Perricone believes in firming the muscles underneath the skin, not paralyzing them. This product has DMAE, which actually helps to stimulate nerve function, making the muscles under the skin tighten up. It also helps to prevent future sagging of the skin. Wow, talk about an all in one product! For more information about the Cold Plasma, you can read our previous blog Ground-Breaking New Product! Cold Plasma!
Another staff favorite in the Perricone line is the Face Finishing Moisturizer. It is rich in corrective nutrients helping to minimize lines and wrinkles. We like it for the moist dewy glow it gives or skin! This also has DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin C Ester. It is paraben free as well.
As you can see the list goes on and on for our favs. We are so fortunate to be able to experience the benefits of so many great brands. We hope that you will continue to share with us your favorites and rate them on our site. We really value your input and hope you take a look at our must haves as well!
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