Illamasqua Skin Base Concealer is Everything We Want in a Concealer Pen

When we say concealer, what do you think? Do you picture that blessed cream that helps you cover and hide the fact that you are, indeed, a beautiful, yet flawed human being? We get it, you’re not perfect. Not everyone has abs like Bella Hadid, you probably don’t always roll out of bed looking like Beyoncé, and you may even sport the occasional blemish…but, not if your concealer has anything to say about it. Are we right?

Sometimes you may look in the mirror to discover your eyes have developed little pooches of their own, aka puffy eyes and under-eye bags. Not to worry though! Illamasqua is here to help! Introducing The Skin Base Concealer Pen.

What is a concealer pen?

The concealer pen comes in seven different shades, and is even formulated to blend and neutralize with your skin! A concealer that customizes to your skin’s toning needs for the day? Yes, please! As for those puffy eyes, this concealer pen also boasts a unique metal tip that gives a cooling effect with the concealer’s application to help depuff the eyes.

This concealer pen is also designed with the unique metal tip to be more hygienic as well as aid in the precise application of the product to the small, delicate undereye area.

Next time you time you walk up looking like Frankenstein’s bride on a bad day, take comfort that there is something that can save you! You don’t have to walk around feeling like you’re flaunting two giant Jet-Puffed marshmallows below your eyes. You can look fabulous with just a couple swipes of the right concealer wand.

Lucky for you, your refuge not only saves you from the marshmallow-eye-mania, but comes in the convenience of a single pen as well! Never worry about messy concealer going anywhere except where you need it!

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