Behind the Bottle with Själ Skincare

Mother and daughter duo Karen and Kristin Petrovich spent years working with notable holistic healers, researchers and biochemists in Asia and Europe to develop the world’s first luxury skincare range charged with precious minerals and gemstones like gold, sapphire, diamond and platinum along with powerful, rare actives from around the world and eventually, Själ was founded in 2001 (which is Swedish for spirit, mind, heart and soul). The brand was created as a simple, well edited and effective line, integrating the synergy of both Eastern medicine and Western biotechnology.

SkinStore asked Kiristin a few questions to find out more about the brand.

Question: What is the Sjal story?

After being long time skincare enthusiasts and devotees, my mother Karen and I were seeking a more all-in-one line that was easy-to-use, results-oriented and would work within one’s lifestyle. Our lives were filled with work and travel and we didn’t have time for the multiple step regimens, which ultimately were not effective or healthy for skin. While we were unable to find anything on the market which had these principles, was nutritionally complete, didn’t plateau or use synthetic ingredients or bases, Karen became interested in traditional eastern medicine from her frequent trips to Asia – especially meditation, acupuncture, herbal remedies and energy work, began to integrate them into her daily lifestyle and I noticed that Karen had a vitality she hadn’t seen in years. So I joined Karen on her next trip and the concept for Själ was born.

Question: What's your star product or biggest breakthrough?

Kura Intuitif, because is an all in one healing, repairing and protective cream. It’s loaded with peptides, algaes, a vascular complex, a brightening complex, reparative oils and proteins, which make the skin luminous, supple and dewy. Infused with gold, silver, copper and pearl for regeneration and brightening, it’s perfect for flights, as a nighttime cream, after skiing or sun exposure.

It’s also a favorite of models and celebrities and was voted ‘best in-flight cream’ by InStyle.

Question: Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by holistic healing practices for their healing, harmonizing and balancing benefits to the body. I’m a believer in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and gemstone healing. I love to discover different practices and therapies that make you feel balanced and empowered physically, spiritually and mentally. These fundamentals inspired my mother and I to create a skincare line, using holistic principles combined with the latest in biotechnology.

Question: Give our customers an insider beauty tip!

Keep your primary focus on maintenance and prevention, including the basics such as sleep, nutrition, exercise and balancing your work/personal life.

I like to take vitamins including: trace mineral complex, vitamin C, and omegas 3, 6 & 9. When I’m not feeling well, I take glutathione for detoxification. Acupuncture is great for releasing blocks and opening up energy flow.

Question: Can you name a product you use that's not your own?

SPF by SkinCeuticals!

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