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Madame LA LA: The Benefits Of Coconut Water

Madame LA LA: The Benefits Of Coconut Water
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Since hearing about the benefits of coconut water, we’ve been adding it to our morning smoothies like it’s going out of fashion. But the UK indie beauty brand, Madame LA LA have gone one step further and infused their tanning products with coconut water and coconut fragrance, so you can achieve an ‘LA tan’ whilst reaping all of the skin care benefits of coconut water. With Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively rumoured to be huge fans of the brand- these are the must-have tanning products for the upcoming Bikini season.

Why is coconut water good for skin?

Coconut water is packed full of skin-loving nutrients including; Omega 3, Vitamin C, potassium and amino acids to name a few. One of the benefits of coconut water is that it is full of electrolytes, meaning that it naturally hydrates your skin and the Vitamin C helps to brighten your complexion and reduce pigmentation.

Coconut water also contains cytokines- tiny protein molecules which are responsible for cell communication within the body. These molecules promote cell growth and skin-renewal, helping to reduce the signs of ageing by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

Madame LA LA infuses all of their products with coconut water to provide your skin with all of the benefits of coconut water, whilst leaving you with a gorgeous, glowing tan.

The Madame LA LA range

Madame LA LA’s line of vegan and cruelty-free products include their Bronzing Ball, Tanning mousse and bronzing serum to help you to achieve an ‘LA glow’ all year round. These ‘dynamic do-all’ products help you to achieve an even, golden tan and the added benefits of coconut water help to detox and hydrate the skin for a long-lasting, glowing tan that fades evenly.

Bronzing Ball

The newest addition to the Madame LA LA product line is the multi-tasking roll-on Bronzing Ball - a contouring-lovers dream. The twist-up bronzer offers a precise, glide on application for a sun-kissed look. The added benefits of coconut water and vitamin E hydrate the skin for an enviable glow.


Madame LA LA Tan

Madame LA LA’s coconut water-infused tan provides an instant, quick-drying, healthy glow whilst developing into a gorgeous golden tan in just three hours. The infusion of coconut water, aloe vera, green tea and vitamin E hydrates and perfects your skin for a golden glow that lasts for as long as 10 days! With a choice oflightor regular tan, you’ll be left with a natural-looking tan that adapts to your skin tone for that ‘just stepped off the beach’ look.


Madame LA LA West Coast

Madame LA LA’s West Coast face bronzing serum offers an instant bronze glow to your face, whilst their unique infusion of coconut water, green tea and vitamins C, A and E help to protect skin, reduce the signs of ageing and even out the complexion, leaving you with flawless, bronzed skin.


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