Climate and Skincare: What You Need to Know with Murad

When it comes to skincare, there are new treatments, ingredients, regimens and more that are trending every day. But, just because the newness is taking over your Instagram feed and your favorite celebrity raves about it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the ideal skin solution for you. Enter Murad. As the first doctor-formulated line of dermatological products, Murad has long understood the need for both men and women to have access to scientifically advanced, yet safe skin care products.

We recently had the chance to sit down with the Senior Director of New Product Development from Murad, Kristen Robinson. Check out what she had to say about how your climate affects your skin, the skin concerns most common in her climate, and her #1 skin solutions:

Question: How does the Southern California climate affect skin?

“The SoCal climate provides little moisture for our skin with a steady helping of UV.  The effects of which can equate to accelerated premature wrinkling and hyperpigmentation regardless of gender.  As a major metropolitan city, LA’s sprawling urban environment brings with it an additional environmental skin aggressor in the form of air pollution further amplifying premature aging of skin.”

Question: How are major skin concerns influenced by one’s climate?

“Skin plays a critical and sophisticated role as a dynamic layer of protection and is responsive to our body’s external environment.   Our body’s largest organ, skin’s main function is to protect us and maintain critical factors within and on our body, such as temperature regulation, protection from moisture loss, and defense from pathogens.  As a direct interface with the environment, skin serves as our first line of defense from external factors.”

Question: What is your recommended skin care routine?

“In LA, measures to maintain skin moisture and prevent or address the deleterious effects of the sun are of highest importance. Addressing hydration is our obsession at Murad and key to our skincare philosophy regardless of geography or skin concern.

A typical morning and evening routine at its most basic would include cleansing, treatment and moisturizer (ensuring daily use of SPF). This of course can be complemented with treatment masks, essences, or peels for example to reinforce hydration, resurface or brighten the skin.”

Question: What is the most common skincare concern you deal with in Southern California?

“In my opinion it’s crow’s feet/undereye dark circles. Eye skin is thinner and highly vascularized, with age, stress and exhaustion, dark circles can appear making us look older and tired.  Because the skin is thinner, it needs critical hydration, suppleness and pliability to stave off wrinkle formation. Think about all the muscle movement, squinting and blinking throughout the day. Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum has a revitalizing lightweight texture that nourishes and locks in moisture to keep undereye skin hydrated while delivering retinol and bio-nutrients to address wrinkles and dark circles.

Question: If you could only recommend one skin care tip, what would it be?

“Skincare today is multi-functional and tailored for our busy on-the-go lifestyles. Look for cleansers, treatments, and moisturizers that multitask so you don’t have to compromise your skincare but rather find products that sync with it!”

And don’t forget: “Sunscreen! Sunscreen is your best defense against the aging effects of the sun (foggy or sunny day, beach day or workday) and works best when used properly – meaning thoughtful application and reapplication.  Therefore, it’s critical to find one that suits you. Find a sunscreen you love, that feels good on your skin, and one that you enjoy using, so you won’t hesitate to reapply as needed and enjoy the experience of using it. The investment made now to protect skin will pay off!”   

While the climate we live in may affect our skincare in different ways, there are a few principles that remain constant—hydration, hydration, hydration (and SPF, of course)! Discover the Murad collection that works for your skin when you shop SkinStore today!



How does the climate you live in differ from Kristen’s perspective? Let us know on Twitter, or shoot us a DM on Instagram!

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