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Eliminate Bad Hair Days for Good with SILKE London

Eliminate Bad Hair Days for Good with SILKE London
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How many days in a week do you wake up looking at your reflection in the mirror wondering how in the world you can afford the social points it's going to cost you to walk out the door with your hair as frightening as it is? Don't know what we mean? We're talking about those bad hair days when your tamed, luxurious locks from the day before have turned into a wild, frizzy nightmare.

What if we told you there was a fix to that? What if we told you, you could completely eradicate all those bad hair days for good?

How to calm frizzy hair?

You don't have to strut into the office adorning a wild beast atop your cranium. Made of the purest 100% silk, SILKE London hair wraps work to reduce the friction and moisture absorption from your bed sheets causes tangles, damage and dryness to your hair strands. AKA the primary source of your bad hair days.

Essentially, these hair wraps are like the best friend you never knew you had. Here are a few of the perks your hair can benefit from sleeping in a silk cocoon.

Promotes Growth

Reducing the friction from your cotton bed sheets decreases the amount of breakage happening at the ends of your hair strands. Less breakage means there are fewer strands that split and fall out, allowing your hair the time to grow faster and longer.

Boost Thickness

Your hair has four stages—growing, regression, resting and shedding phase. In the growing phase, the hair grows from the hair follicles, or roots, at the base of the scalp, beneath the skin. These hair follicles are stimulated, or 'fed', but blood vessels, and increased blood circulation to the scalp helps improve growth and thickness of your hair!

The good thing about silk? It stimulates blood flow to the scalp! Those people telling you to switch out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one were onto something! Not only does it help reduce creases and wrinkles on the face, but it helps hair growth as well!

Reduce hair washes

Are you sick and tired of washing your hair every day just to avoid the greasies? Do you want to distance your dependent relationship with dry shampoo? The easy answer? SILKE hair wrap!

Another perk of silk is it actually promotes a reduction sebum production, making it less likely that you'll roll out of bed with enough oil drip from your scalp to fry chicken.

If we haven't convinced you to branch out and make a new friend for the sake of your hair, don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself and discover more SILKE London on our website here.



Make bad hair days a thing of the past!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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