The Beauty Product Inspired by Mrs Lancer

Dr. Harold Lancer, Hollywood’s favorite dermatologist, is only interested in good skin, not good make-up. He proved this when he developed The Lancer Method, an intelligent 3 step skincare system that helps your skin rediscover its youthful capacity (if you’re not familiar with it, I explain it all here).

I suppose most women wear make-up to conceal individual skin concerns, but Dr. Lancer’s holistic approach towards skincare focuses on the problem not the cause. He wants to make your skin look so good, that you don’t feel the need for cosmetics.

The doc has your skin’s best interests at heart but for many of us, make-up is intrinsically linked to confidence. Mrs Lancer, fondly known as Dani, explained this to her husband and like something straight from a skincare fairytale, he formulated the Dani Glowing Skin Perfector.

Dani is a skincare/cosmetic hybrid product that creates an all-day dewy glow without setting into lines. It also delivers additional skincare inredients that firm, blur and minimize the appearnce of pores.An Asian botanical blend of evodia fruit and buchu leaf extracts helps to maintain even skin tone and luminosity, improve firmness of texture and balance sebum production. Oat kernel extract has an immediate smoothing and lifting effect visible at the skin surface, while skin luminizers impart a youthful, natural glow.

After The Method and a sunscreen, apply Dani to your face, neck and décolleté to enhance the natural glow. It can also be used as a highlighter on the contours of the face or followed with makeup as preferred. Alternatively, you can also blend Dani with your foundation to illuminate the skin.

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