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Discover Beyonce’s Must-Have Natura Bisse Product

Discover Beyonce’s Must-Have Natura Bisse Product
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Calling all the ladies over 35! Do you want to be in on Beyonce's secret to why she has such a youthful, fresh, glowing complexion? Ever wondered how she keeps her skin looking so young and radiant?

We've discovered that she puts it down to a key product by premium skincare brand Natura Bisse - introducing the Diamond Life Infusion.

The reason I called out to ladies 35 plus is purely because the product targets this age landmark, with its impressive formula designed to work best on ladies skin around this age and over. However, if you've just hit your 30's and want to make sure your skin stays in tip-top condition, there's no reason you can't start using it from age 30 to get ahead.

This powerful overnight treatment uses a patent-pending ingredient, Bio-Magnet Naosomes, that provides extreme results. This magnetic active ingredient works to improve the skin tone, texture and luminosity without any side effects. In a study carried out using the product, results came back that the serum rejuvenated the skin by an average of 3.9 years. Pretty impressive, we think!

How does it work?

The potent serum is packed with a high concentration of 16 rejuvenating ingredients, among them the revolutionary and recently discovered magnetic active ingredient BIO-MAGNET NANOSOMES as mentioned above. This provides a powerful “Retinoid-like”effect by stimulating the cellular renewal process, improving skin tone and texture and restoring luminosity without causing any sensitivity, dryness, irritation and inflammation.

Its best used as a luxurious rejuvenating night treatment, and is a slightly newer product than another of Beyonce's rumored favorite products, the Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Moisturizer.

So next time you here Beyonce singing about diamond cream facials or the diamond life in general - you know where she's coming from!

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SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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