Emma Hardie: A Holistic Approach to the Facelift

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for quality skincare without the “nasty” ingredients, then Emma Hardie is your gal. When her Natural Lift & Sculpting Facial debuted in 1996, this launch would carry her career forward to receive phenomenal beauty reviews from the press and celebrity clients. She wanted to provide a line of skincare that delivered firmer, plumper results, without harsh ingredients or invasive techniques.

What makes Emma Hardie standout?

Emma Hardie’s approach to skincare is unique because of her background as a facialist. Her understanding of the whole body along with her personal research in cellular healing and fascination with the human face led her to the creation of her unrivaled and radical approaches to skin care treatment and holistic health.

She wanted to lean away from the “miracle in a bottle” and instead give her clients the power to treat their skin at home with unparalleled massage and application techniques that improve skin’s resilience over time.

Unique ingredients for unparalleled results

Harnessing the extraordinary antioxidant properties of Moringa Seed Extract and Wild Sea Fennel, Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm with Professional Cleansing Cloth works to lift away makeup and other impurities while revitalizing dull skin. This cleansing balm is gentle enough for daily use and also improves the appearance of skin texture and pores!

The cleansing microfiber cloth, backed with muslin, helps to insulate heat for ultimate compressing and skin-cushioning, helping to deliver deep cleansing to unclog pores and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A flower with healing properties

Emma Hardie’s use of unique ingredients doesn’t stop with Moringa Seed Extract. Incorporated in her Age Support Face Cream is Edelweiss stem cells contain a higher antioxidant potency than vitamin C! Paired with the amazing moisture giant, hyaluronic acid, the plumping and firming abilities of this cream are unfathomable. This flower may be small and white, but it is certainly not weak.

We are so excited to have Emma Hardie join us here at SkinStore! A more natural treatment is the future of skincare and Emma Hardie is at the top!

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