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EvolutionMan: Skincare for Men

EvolutionMan: Skincare for Men
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If your man, or your brother, or your brother-in-law-from-the-back-hills-of-South-Dakota-you-only-see-every-Christmas need a skincare upgrade, look no further, the powers that be have expanded the way we see men's skincare.

EvolutionMan is a line of advanced, nutrient-enriched skincare products for men. That's right. Women aren't the only ones that have access to skin-enhancing ingredients in their skincare. With ingredients including green tea and salicylic acid, these products will revolutionize the way the men in your life take care of their skin!


Enriched with ingredients green tea, beeswax and salicylic acid, this concealer stick helps to hide skin imperfections like razor bumps and other discolorations while at the same time working to promote a smoother and healthier skin texture.


Does your guy wear sunscreen? If the answer to that is no, here is a product that is so easy to use, there's really no excuse. Even your lips—maybe especially your lips—need the same protection from the Sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. Harnessing SPF 15, applying your sunscreen is so simple it will be second nature!

Infused with shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E, this lip balm conditions and moisturizes while protecting lips from harmful sun exposure. Lips are left feeling soft and replenished.


Help your man get a better shave with a two-in-one cleanser and scrub that preps the skin for shaving. A combination of tea tree oil, soybean extract and vitamin E work to cleanse, refine and exfoliate the skin for the perfect shave. The cleanser contains non-irritating micro-beads that help to eliminate blemish-causing dirt and oil and fights against visible pores, in-grown hairs and breakouts.


This unique deodorant stick uses witch hazel and white clay to control wetness and perspiration and give long-lasting protection. Infused with EvolutionMan's Nu Noir fragrance derived from raw ingredients, this deodorant provides long-lasting protection without marks or stains!

EvolutionMan skincare for men is anything but intimidating! Nutrient-enriched skincare for men is making its way into the industry and we're so excited EvolutionMan is jumping on the bandwagon! So, next time the man in your life asks you for skincare advice point him towards EvolutionMan!

SkinStore Editors
Writer and expert
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